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Why aren't current country albums on vinyl
I don't think it is a matter of who likes country music. Vinyl is a niche market. Labels will only release on vinyl if they think they can sell enough to make a profit. 
Subwoofer Rattle
What do you mean by rattling? Have you tried to push on the cone to see if the voice coil is actually touching the magnet? If you have never driven it hard, it is possible that the problem is in the built-in amp and not the voice coil. 
Headless MacMini
I set mine to automatically shut down at 12:00AM and boot up at 3:00PM everyday. If I want to shut it down earlier, I use a VNC client from my iPad or iPhone to remote control it. The auto shut down and boot up time can be set in:System Preference... 
B&W speakers toed in or fired straight out
Toe-in changes the interaction between speaker and the room and therefore very room dependent. There is no one-size-fit-all recommendation. You need to experiment with it. 
Audivarna Plus
You should also try the latest beta release ( at this moment) which added a new feature call Direct Mode. The sound quality is truly amazing and far better than the stable release.You can download the beta here: 
Nad M3? Need amp for Vandersteen 3 $3,000 budget
For rock music, I will suggest an used Theta Dreadnaught 5ch, disable the center channel and use the other four to bi-amp the Vandy 3A. 
Warm Sounding Speakers
Agree with Unsound and Missioncoonery. Maggie 3.6 is already pretty warm sounding in my opinion. I think you will be much happier to find a different amp for the Maggie. 
IC Splitting?
It might be cheaper to split on the amp side if you need long expensive cables. 
Stand alone dac vs built in dac what's the better
I think the answer will depend on which stand alone dac and which built-in dac you are comparing against.What do you have in mind? 
Can 10W 300B tube amp drive Martin Logan Ascent i?
It will make sound but you won't like the result. Ascent needs a lot of power to make it sing, at least 100W/ch, tube or SS, 200W+ will be better, 350W+ will be ideal. The amp also needs to be able to drive low impedance load. 
Good speakers under 10K.
Just saw a pair of rose wood Vandy 5 up for sale here in Audiogon for $3,500. They are the same finish as mine. I paid $13,000 for them 10 years ago. I have no idea its price had dropped so much. 
Good speakers under 10K.
From your description, if you have the room, Vandy 5 should be a good match but that is what I use so I could be biased. You also need to have the right amp. What do you use right now? 
ARC SP-6 Warmup time
Which version of SP-6 do you have? The power LED on the SP-6 and SP-6A don't blink. Starting from SP-6B ARC introduced a timer circuitry which auto mutes output on power on. If yours is AP-6B and later, I think that is what you are seeing. It is n... 
Quicksilver V4 vs Manley Snappers
It all depends on what speaker you use. There is no black and white answer to your question. 
Out Of Studio Monitoring And Into Hi-Fi
I don't think you need to change the speakers. LSR6328 is good active speaker. All you need is to add a LSR6312 matching sub.