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best used 2 channel preamp for under $2500
Wright Sound Lab WPL20. A highly linear and dynamic linestage alloyed to a simply superb phono section. There is one available for under a grand. A screaming good deal. 
VPI TNT record clamp
I have replaced the one-piece delrin clamp on my Aries with the BDR clamp. I like the results a great deal. My impression is that I'm hearing fewer of the intrusive noises inherent in the stylus tracing the groove. There is less groove echo, cymba... 
What's your latest "Discovery"
The Daktari's Soul Explosion is a great set of Afrofunk tunes in the James Brown via Fela vein. Basically a group of Brooklyn session guys with fake Nigerian names but the music works great...big, fat bass lines and great horn work. Has that authe... 
The albums through Caravanserai all feature the amazing ensemble sound the band had at the beginning. 
help narrowing down my list of speakers, $2500
You will almost certainly hate this post. However, the VMPS Ribbon Monitor IIs would absolutely lunch every member of your shortlist with rock music. They have the bass extension and dynamic impact of speakers many, many times their price, without... 
LP storage? What do you use?
Another vote for Per Madsen's modular furniture. Very cleverly designed. Sturdy, attractive and versatile. Particularly great for moving as racks fit perfectly (with a 1" layer of packing peanuts) into standard book boxes. I moved a 2,000+ record ... 
Favorite live LPs
•Ella Fitzgerald - Ella in Rome•War - Live•Sarah Vaughn - Live in Japan•Modern Jazz Quartet - Last Concert•The Band - The Last Waltz 
It's 2050. I'm 84 years old...
The three J's: Jimi, Janis and Jim. 
best rock voices
Janis Joplin and Roger Daltrey are my female and male favorites. 
Jazz Recs for Classical Music Fan - Challenging
Maasada 8: Live in Sevilla. Great music, astounding musicianship, excellent recording. 
Jazz Piano?
The Smithsonian Collection of Jazz Piano is a great place to start. It takes you through the beginnings and all of the subsequent major movements in jazz, as well as some of its most important practitioners. The performances that they choose are g... 
best concert venue
A little hall on the campus of Whittier College, in Whittier CA. Saw several slack-key guitarists and their ensembles there several years ago, and was amazed at the clarity, warmth and unhyped tonality of this hall. Voices, guitars and percussion ... 
Your First System
1973 - I got what I call my "Dentist's office system", so called because every dentist's office had one at the time. It consisted of a Panasonic 4 wpc receiver, and a pair of trapezoidal plastic single driver speakers that had captive wires that p... 
What's Your Favorite Rollins album?
Live at the Vanguard 
Besides Audio, what other ''passion'' do you have?
My wife and family foremost. My lesser passions include; my career in science, playing music (percussion instruments), listening to live and recorded music, martial arts (Aikido), reading for pleasure, electronics, cooking, and gardening.