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Caribbean Music Recommendations
•Monty Alexander's Ivory and Steel: Jamboree. A mighty tasty stew of Monty's soulful post-bop piano stylings combined with wicked pan playing by Othello Molineaux and Boogsie Sharpe. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
•Ronald Shannon Jackson & Decoding Society: Decode This•Hank Mobley: Straight No Filter•Drive-by Truckers: Southern Rock Opera•Franscisco Aguabella: H2O 
is this the best guitar ever
I saw this group twice in the early/mid 80s. The first was an amazing display of guitar pyrotechnics that was strangely uninvolving. The second time John McLaughlin was replaced by Steve Morse of Dixie Dregs fame. He was clearly the technical equa... 
Album cd or LP with best bass for new subwoofer
The opening bars of Das Rheingold will shake your house to its foundations. This sustained pipe organ pedal point will most definitely shiver your timbers. 
Best Find Ever???
A VPI TNT V table, 12.5 arm and Benz cartridge, a massive pair of Apogee ribbon speakers (don't know which model), a massive pair of Audio Research tube amps (don't know the model). The preamp and digital stuff had walked before I got there. Lots ... 
Best Audio-Manufacturing Countries?
I'd like to define best audio-manufacturing countries as the sources of the best manufactured components I've encountered (i.e. highest quality of fit and finish):USA (Rockport, Wilson, VPI, Rowland, Krell, VTL)Netherlands (Kharma)Switzerland (Gol... 
What is the best Beatle Song
Best Find Ever???
Shortly after it came out, I found a VPI SDS advertised in the Pennysaver for $150. My attention fully aroused, I called the number and asked if it was still available. The seller told me, "Yes", and that she would sell it for $100 if I showed up ... 
Any Zydeco recommendations?
Boozoo Chavis - Lake Charles Atomic Bomb - an old Rounder recording by one of the 2-steppinest masters of the green bean. 
Calling all acoustic guitar fans...
1. Doc Watson, Doc Watson - ie. his first Vanguard recording. This one is my favorite, but you can substitute many from that catalog. This man is a treasure.2. Tony Rice, Backwaters - One of the truly great New Grass recordings with Tony's other w... 
Latin Jazz -- Your Top 5
1. Batacumbele - Live at University of Puerto Rico - an LP from the 80s that is well worth seeking out. Feautures the MONSTROUS conguero Giovanni Hidalgo when he was still called Manenguito. Absolutely slamming!2. Mario Bauza and his Latin Allstar... 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Some favorites:Frank SinatraPlacido DomingoJimmy ScottLittle Willie JohnGreg AllmanJoe WilliamsMel TormeRoger DaltreyTony BennettMagic SamBig Bill BroonzyMarvin GayeSam CookeElvis PresleyJohnny HartmanEnrico CarusoStevie WonderOscar Brown Jr. 
Maggie 1.6 - Best Amp? Thinking about tubes.
The combination of the Maggie 1.6es and the Music Reference RM-200 is mightilty synergistic. A high-power tube-solid state design, the 200 offers the clear, vibrant portrayal of voices and instruments typical of tubes, combined with the unrestrain... 
The Best Audio Dealer
North, South, East or West, my buddy Brooks Berdan is unquestionably best. 
Please rate WATT/Puppy 7
Properly set up, there is nothing that I have auditioned that has been able to convey the subtleties of the musical event as evocatively. Careful setup by an experienced individual is essential. I wouldn't consider them without the assistance of a...