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Are You a Swifty?
A talented and self-aware, confident songwriter who had enough faith in her artistry to convince her conservative banker father to move to Nashville and help his daughter establish herself there. Plays the business beautifully and it’s a pleasure ... 
Best monoblock amps for $2000 used
I wonder if the OP ever went down their monoblock road, some 7 years after the original question?  
Records and CDs
@troutstreamnm With all due respect, you came across a bit condescending. Those of us who collect and love vinyl do so for more than just another hobby. I'm young enough not to have known the "nostalgia of servicing vinyl in the old days", so my v... 
Hagerman trumpet mc or Ear 834 classic phono pre amplifier.
I've had the Trumpet twice (and sold it twice for financial reasons as expenses came up). If I ever have the financial freedom, I'll order another from Jim without a second thought. It's a beautifully transparent, revealing pre without being britt... 
Records and CDs
My vinyl purchases nowadays are pretty much limited to Jazz and classical. Why? Because playing that vinyl forces me to kind of sit down and listen to the whole 20 plus or so minutes of music without skipping around tracks and artists that I do wh... 
Is R.E.M. underrated by new music nerds?
@jastralfu Same here. They were such a part of my musical tapestry, but now no one under the age of 35 has listened to them. Which is not surprising considering those that are now 35 were in single digits when Jane's hit the scene.   
Is R.E.M. underrated by new music nerds?
I've often wondered at how some of those artists which formed such an integral part of the 90s Alt rock zeitgeist haven't really stood the test of time among the current masses: REM 10000 Maniacs Jane's Addiction Collective Soul and others.   
Moving Magnet Phono Cartridges
Glad you enjoy the AT! I have both a Clearaudio Maestro V2 (mm) and a Hana SL (mc) cartridge which I switch out every now and then for variety's sake and to save wear and tear. The Hana is better at imaging while the Maestro casts a wider soundst... 
Ayre CX7-E vs Rega Saturn; your thoughts please
I wonder if the OP, some 15 years ago, ever made a decision   
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
Yes - Reference 3A de Capos. Paired with a good subwoofer and this is all Ill ever need. Well - I may try Klipsch Cornwalls at some time...  
A reasonably priced DAC upgrade from Schiit Gumby
@gemoody Interesting idea. I'm hesitant insofar as adding another element into the signal path.  @glennewdick Yes - that's def. an option  
A reasonably priced DAC upgrade from Schiit Gumby
@soix good questions.  Budget is no more than $1500 used.  I'm streaming through the mconnect app via tidal and my Oppo.    @ghdprentice thank you for the perspective   
+1 I Like It!
This trio is spectacular! I managed to land their Midnight Sugar 45 lp b4 it took off. Love the dynamics and presence.   
Acoustic Zen Adagio- information request
Yes, I had these for a number of years - bought new from Robert Lee - and loved them. Your Lyngdorf should be a good match for them and they really do shine even at low volumes. Fantastic presentation and really crystal clarity. They pinpointed as... 
Anyone Know the Band Playing on T-Mobile Commercial?
Don't know which spot you're referring to, but this site helps you locate music, actors and other aspects of commercials.    https://www.ispot.tv/