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Did a satisfaction threshold exist under 1000 bucks ?
Speaking of Thoreau, Steve reichert's "Gramophone Dreams" column in this month's Stereophile pretty much highlights the unctuous, boujee lifestyle some audiophiles live. (is this the article you referred to, @kota1 ?) . He was visiting a friend wh... 
Did a satisfaction threshold exist under 1000 bucks ?
In the past few months I've sold off an incredibly good dac, an amazing phono stage, and now I'm without vinyl for the foreseeable future until I managed to find another really good photo stage when I have the money. Right now my system consists o... 
New and engaging rap and hip hop artists
@czarivey +1 on Alfamist. Had the Good Fortune to find his Antifon vinyl from a seller in England and jumped on it about a year ago and it sounds incredible. That combination of songwriting production and emotion and Jazz and Hip Hop is unparallel... 
Totem Mani 2 At The Thrift
Totems at a thrift store? That's like a car in a barn find! Lucky you! A few years ago I found a pair of Spica 50s at a local thrift store and I thought that was a golden egg fine for Thrift stores.  
Rotel CD Players
+1 on the 1072 @mofimadness They are truly giant killers and deserve all the many accolades they've received!  
What Horn loaded speaker/ speaker system for $10k'ish and under
These may be too small for your needs, but they earn a lot of praise" https://www.decware.com/newsite/DNA2.html  
Requesting Technical Assistance
Update? Also, don't know where you are, but any electronic repair place can take care of this. There's hope.   
Ruminations On CD Players
Pair a Denafrips DAC with a good Rotel or an Oppo 105 (if you can find one) and call it a day.   
Music exposure observation
Most of us could probably be diagnosed with some form of ADHD, especially with the acceptance of so-called multitasking. I mean. how many tabs do you have open on your computer browser at the moment? However, to address a few of the remarks so fa... 
Moving Up from a Jolida JD9
+1 on the Tavish. Also recommend the Hagermann Trumpet MC   
It this a decent Phono setup?
Does it sound good to you? If so, then yes.   
From whence does Sound Stage come?
@oldrooney  yeah, hard to believe. But she was really pragmatic and conscientious about her Studio sound. She spent as much time behind the boards as the sound Engineers did.  
From whence does Sound Stage come?
@oldrooney  Here you go!  
From whence does Sound Stage come?
There's another thread here about soundstage depth that has many tracks listeners use to measure that metric. I used some of those tracks to compare stage depth for my setup. It's quite amazing how much care some artists put into their track's pro... 
From whence does Sound Stage come?
"Whence" is a great word; however, its original meaning is "from where", as in, "Whence comes soundstage?" Thus, saying "from whence" is redundant. Sorry. I’ll see myself out now.