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Rockna Wavelight thoughts?
i currently have a rockna stack: wavedream signature se with wavedream net. it's a great combination in my system. i was running the rockna with a metrum ambre to start - so i could utilize roon with my laptop serving as the roon core. then i boug... 
Magico vs the world
i have an s5mk2 and absolute love it. especially with big class a power from a symphonic line kraft 300, the speakers have incredible tone and texture and have overcome any narrow soundstage issues that can be the case with magicos. i've come to u... 
throwing in my rec here as i recently went through a dac serach. for me and my system, i found the rockna wavedream signature to be very nice and then when paired with the rockna wavedream net it really just went to a new level. i'm done looking a... 
Power - where to start? Mains, chords, conditioner, filter?
I've had an amazing reduction in noisefloor from my torus avr20. Monster of a unit...but non-subtle changes. Feel free to PM me if youre interested in learning more. 
Good Used Speakers ($8K-10K) For A Little Listening Room
The Raidho xt series plays great in small rooms with abvriety of gear. Definitely worth some consideration - they are high resolution but still forgiving 
Getting into tubes
line magnetic is incredible both sonically, aesthetically (imo), and build quality. i think you can't go wrong with any of their amps. 
Best used or new DAC under $3500
Hello, I have a chord qbd76hdsd that I purchased earlier this year because I didn't want to point up for a Dave. It's a great unit. PM if you're interested as I was looking to sell and possibly move up to a Dave. Says nothing negative about the qb... 
This is for Georgehifi especially but others can chime in.
i found audio research pairs nicely with dynaudio (both their solid state and tube products). worth giving klaus at odyssey audio a call too - his amps can beautifully drive any speaker. 
Once you go 300b it’s hard to go back?
While I don't have experience with that model, I haven't heard a Line Magnetic amp that I didn't adore. I've even run them on dynaudios with great results - makes no sense on paper but the music is beautiful 
Full-sounding SS amps (besides Pass)
Klaus' amps at odyssey audio sound full to me without any bloat or loss of resolution 
Switching to solid state amp?
depending on your wattage requirements, klaus at odyssey audio builds amazing amps at great prices. i recently took delivery of a kismet and am just loving the sound. powerful, detailed, beautiful bloom - not overwhelming amounts. overall, love it... 
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
how about something like a series one magico s3 - there were a few here that had a price in the 11-14k range. the series one s1 could be had at well below budget there is/was an s1mk2 listed a week or so back in the same price range.if you want so... 
Chord Dave
the dave is a killer dac. there is just so much resolution AND soul to the sound. i have the baby brother, the chord qbd76's no slouch.have you tried the pre in the chord? is it any good? 
KEF LS50... The ultimate anal-ytical speaker for living rooms?
RAIDHO RAIDHO RAIDHO! seriously, the x1/xt1/c1.1/d1.1 would all be killer. i use a c1.1 in my living room.yes, i have a dealer affiliation. yes, you can see that i post about them alot - but notice that there is almost no other piece of gear i pos... 
Another soundstage question
completely agreed on the tube pre. every system needs tubes somewhere :)...i haven't heard some of the newer ss pre's like pass xp30 or esoteric c03x so maybe those are capable of a similar dimensionality.i've had good luck widening my speakers a ...