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How could 100 Watt class a has more head room than a 300 Watt amp Class AB
my "shoot from the hip" answer is that the one with the more robust power supply will have the most headroom and be capable of the most dynamic swings 
I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?
i think line magnetic makes great looking and sounding gear at a primaluna pricepoint. exceptional build quality to boot 
Ugly vs Gogeous speakers
i've always loved the look of the wilson alexia - it's my biggest reason for wanting one :) 
Focal sopra 2 or raidho d2?
raidho dealer disclaimer -i greatly prefer raidho to focal. i know the usual response is "dealers always plug their products", however, i heard focal well before i heard raidho and well before i was a dealer/in the industry at all. i was looking f... 
Raidho speakers..any interest ??
i am a raidho distributor in nyc and have heard a good portion of the line.i recently (less than a month back) took delivery of a custom amp from odyssey audio and it is making my little c1.1's sing. however, the raidho line as a whole is really s... 
Magico S5 Speaker - owners - heard them!
havent heard the mk1 version of the S5 but have heard plenty of magicos recently. they love big clean solid state power. i just took delivery of a customized amp from odyssey audio which sounds beautiful and delivers steady power and current. Alon... 
Why is good, deep bass so difficult? - Myths and their Busters
This has been an incredibly informative thread. I have a small listening area and use monitors and while I don't have _too_ many bass issues, i do have a node somewhere around 50-60hz. For some practical reasons, I would like a floor stander in my... 
Dynaudio-Which one should I buy with around $5000.
hey @netz1, i wanted to reach out because i am a long time dynaudio fan and a current raidho dealer. i moved up from dynaudio to raidho and have never looked back - the raidho sound is different (and more to my tastes). most notably, the bass is m... 
Looking for an integrated amp with dac to match Raidho x1
as a disclaimer, i deal raidho speakers. i have really enjoyed using arc separates with mine so i would not hesitate to throw an arc dsi200 in the mix. i have also had some beautiful music with an ayon integrated, though for the type of music i li... 
Journey ending speakers
Raidhos have done it for me. Though now I would like to move up within their line :). Luckily, all the models share the same sound, just the scale gets larger and the soundstage gets bigger. While the d series fleshes out more details, I don't thi... 
2017 ‘Keeper’ speakers under - $25K
Raidhos - PM me if you're interested (dealer disclaimer). I can make you a good deal 
Who is the WORST Audio Shop?
Another NY resident here. Luckily no experiences with Lyric, but Singer. Oh boy...i asked him about a Red Wine Audio amp he had and if i could come in an demo it: "at this price, it's a steal. you don't need to demo" and more or less hung up on me... 
Should I Switch Preamps?
if you bump the top end of your budget up a bit, the arc ls17se is a wonderful pre 
Apartment Dweller's Paradise - The Ideal 2 ch. system?
Hey @erik_squires , i actually live in a modest size NYC apartment. I've always opted for nice monitors and then integrated it into my living area but not with my tv (don't want to run the amps that often) 
I'm selling speakers for the first time and concerned about fraud
get to know the buyer. have a phone call or two. we all start with 0 feedback, this is how i was able to overcome the hurdle. worth trying - sometimes a quick chat is all it takes to figure out if someone is bluffing or genuinely interested in the...