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Dedicated circuits
So far I haven't seen anyone question why the dedicated circuit made such a difference. So here is the answer: typical wiring for receptacles is several, often two or more rooms worth, on the same branch circuit. Aside from the smaller consequence... 
Sad songs- We love them- We need them
Poppy Family (featuring the late Susan Jacks): "That’s Where I Went Wrong" REM: "South Central Rain" The Strawbs: "Lay Down" Mike Oldfield: "Crime of Passion" , "Man In The Rain" Kate Bush: "Giving It All" Images In Vogue: "(You Mistook My) L... 
Upgrading power system
@boxcarman The improvement in SQ came with the new 20 amp outlet. Speaking of noise in the line, for those  who grew up in the 60,s, remember you couldn’t watch TV or play records when Mom was vaccuuming? Now THAT was noise. Vaccuums motors wer... 
Are Their any Tube Preamp with Home Theater Bypass?
Are *there  
Phone preamp question
@thecarpathian    Ughhh! There is no such thing as a "passive preamp". The two words are mutually exclusive, Sorry @sleepwalker65 , going to have to disagree with you on that one! You might disagree but you are still wrong. How can cal... 
Phone preamp question
Welp, SMPS are generally capable of producing more objectionable (irritating) noise than the 120Hz-ish ripple from a rectified 60Hz mains supply, but the economics and physical scale are in the favour of SMPS. Having said that, the manufacturing q... 
Phone preamp question
@dpop  High quality audio is always directly associated with high quality power supplies. a very general statement. No offense intended, but I'm not sure a bare bones $250 Bellari phono preamp qualifies as high quality. In this case, switch... 
Phone preamp question
Ughhh! There is no such thing as a "passive preamp". The two words are mutually exclusive, like "military intelligence" or "Geoff Kate".   
Low buzzing through speaks
Don't know of any specific pre-made cables that would be up to the job, but I'd be surprised if custom / "premium" cable manufacturers would not offer options for ground lift on balanced cables. Considering your technical capabilities, just using ... 
Low buzzing through speaks
You can correct the XLR wiring to lift the shield ground at the power amplifier end of the cable. That should be the correct and final solution. It will require that you modify the wiring on your custom XLR cables.   
Low buzzing through speaks
@kingbr circling back to the interconnect cables between the preamp and power amp, I have a new angle to look into. As you know, XLR plugs have three pins. Two are for the balanced signal, and the third is for the signal ground. You will also note... 
Help with turntable purchase
You can’t go wrong with a NAD 3020 series integrated amp. The 3225PE is the 3020i with NAD’s Power Envelope technology that makes the 30 watt amp perform like a 50 watt amp. They can be hard to find though.  
What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?
It’s a little late for an April Fool’s Day joke.  
switching voltage to 110
Best thing is to run everything on 220 that can support it. The step down inside your gear not only cuts the line voltage by another factor of 2, but also transient and cyclical line noise.   
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
I have tinnitus but no loss of hearing compared to average people’s hearing, a test revealed that a have much greater sensitivity and range. It’s a bit of a curse, as every noise is more intense to me than to others around me. The shrieking and sq...