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Why no interest in reel to reel if you're looking for the ultimate sound?
@cd318Digital is measurably better than analogue by any known yardstickspeak for yourself. Analog is measurably superior to digital by the account of many audiophiles.  
Distortion on the Power Line
@heaudio123Please ignore my troll. I have triggered him and he posts nonsense after many of my posts. At least he’s (it’s?) trying other styles of prose than adjectives in triplicate.  
Need Help!
You might benefit from properly shielded interconnects from the turntable to your phono stage. The old way of using the signal return path (signal “ground”) is completely ineffective at blocking EMI and RFI noise.  
Need Help!
Don’t overlook man-made composite counter top materials. Quartz and Corian are very dense and have good resonance characteristics. Corian is my favourite because it can easily be cut and machined with woodworking tools. You can even make a layered... 
Just confused
Geoffy, how about them rhodium plated cryogenic banana peels? 
Why no interest in reel to reel if you're looking for the ultimate sound?
This thread is a little stale, but I’ll add my bit. To enjoy reel to reel, you don’t *need* 15ips half track master tapes. 7.5ips and even 3.75ips quarter track give you a landslide more dynamic range than vinyl and very little noise. As someone e... 
What just happened to accepting Paypal?? looks like they are trying to drive us away
Fraudulent sellers are avoiding PayPal like the plague, as their buyer protection forces them to refund purchases of faulty / damaged / counterfeit and otherwise illegitimate items. My advice is to steer clear of any seller who doesn’t want to do ... 
15 amps vs 20 amps
Most people will only give you an opinion on what to do. Everyone has an opinion. Few are technically correct, some may be compliant to code, but compliance isn’t the same thing as the safest and best-performing solution. Many are mis-informed and... 
Sturdy Turntable Stand
Geoffy, I’m surprised you didn’t mention your unobtainium coated banana springs.  
Sturdy Turntable Stand
DuPont Corian is great. It’s very stable and inert. Easy to get a variety of eye-pleasing patterns, and machines like wood with a table saw.   
Vinyl Users - Best/Favorite room air cleaner
3M Filtrete 2200 furnace filter. Change every 3 months. Use a central vac with the exhaust piped to the outdoors. Most dust is from human skin, so manage that in any way reasonable. Maintain relative humidity level between 30% and 40%.  
So many great golden era DD tables out there, what do you recommend for $1000?
The Technics SL-1700mk2 (semi-auto, quartz locked) fits the bill very nicely for me. You can get a restored unit without cartridge in your budget range. Spend another $300 on an Audio-Technica VM540ML with microline contact stylus, and you’ve got ... 
Best budget streamer on the market now?
I’d buy the BlueSound Node 2i all over again if I needed another one. Tidal MQA is rendered very nicely and non-MQA is ok for casual listening.  
Interconnect Directionality
Okay Geoffy, the party’s over. Time to go back on your meds.  
Interconnect Directionality
Why so defensive Geoffy?