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Is it too much to ask....
Specs like this are important too I guess1. How old is the unit and are you the original owner?2. Is the unit in perfect working order and has it ever been repaired or modified?3. Will you please email me some more pictures of it?4. What service w... 
Is it too much to ask....
How about those infalted original price specs, seeing more and more of that here. 
Is it too much to ask....
You ain't got no money anyway ya bum, just like most everyone else here. A lotta whine no dine from people like you. There needs to be a whine catagorey so people can get their whine on. Maybe you should get a clue. 
Will my biamping dreams come true ??
Maybe the gain issue can be controlled with a AV preamp ?? 
Nakamichi PA-7 Stasis Hum
Try a line conditioner, mine will hum in this crappy apartment 
Office partitions as sound panels
If they cost $3500 each they are perfect for it. 
Anyone still playing on Cassette decks?
OMG the $15 you saved you can eat a couple more days. I bet thats a relief. 
Will my biamping dreams come true ??
The important part will be to think this through carefully. 
Will my biamping dreams come true ??
I have a PS Audio 5.6 that does active and passive with 2 outs. I will have to get a variable attenuator from ebay. This will get the ball rolling. I have been living with the speakers for 5 years now so I will find out if this is a good or bad th... 
Will my biamping dreams come true ??
From Albert Von Schweikert:Hello Fellow Audiophiles,Over the past 32 years, I've used bi-amping as a method to achieve more realistic sound quality. A decent, high powered solid state amplifier will give you explosive and tight bass power, while a... 
Will my biamping dreams come true ??
I picked up the Bat @ $1000 it needs some repair. That would be a good time to put V-Caps in it. So, The Classe is not selling which I was going to buy a tube amp with the funds but it looks like I will have 2 amps now. That is how I got the idea,... 
Will my biamping dreams come true ??
What are some examples of active crossovers ?? I may go passive also so that may be a problem solved. 
Album Slicks?
Google and ebay. 
What exactly is "breaking in" on a new cartridge ?
I am breaking in a Ortofon 2M Black 
Audiophile blues... never a dull show and you can get every episode from the very 1st podcast.