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stack speakers question
I wanna do a stack of buttermilk pancakes and Pioneer CS-88's. A triple stack would be cool. 
Time of listening session?
When I'm not terrorizing the public with my semi truck. 
Denon DVD-2910 HDMI - having trouble
HDCP chip maybe, it's the HDMI nightmare. 
Possibly controversial: Totem arro overrated?
I decline to comment on such inexpensive speakers. 
Age Limit for Speaker Cables
Look on the cable it should have a expiration date on it. 
Great Music to Intro Non-Audiophiles to the Hobby
and suddenly they got it....heads spinning looking for other speakers, perplexed how there was imaging between the speakers...awesome.My Bose can do it better. 
Best speaker at Walmart
Bose Bose Bose 
E.L.O. - Electric Light Orchestra
ELO 2KuiamaIt tells the tale of a soldier who has found an orphan girl wandering the ruins of a battle-ravaged village in the Vietnam war. The soldier is trying to comfort the girl and also to explain how he was the one who killed her parents. 
To Chi-Fi or Not
I have had a Plinius M16, I don't think Chi-Fi will come anywhere close whatsoever to the M16. 
Selling on Agon question
I bet that is the same guy I had, next he will want your fone # to talk you down on the price I bet. 
Best Power Cord for a Classe CA 2300
Take this thread and shove it, I'm not gonna look at it no more. 
Realistic STA-2100D Service Manual Needed
Talk to this guy 
Premium membership
Email other members, premium membership, this could be a real money maker. 
Best Power Cord for a Classe CA 2300
Damn E, calm your silly self down ya hipocrite. 
Must see music Movie "Sugar Man."
Pass, unless it has naked women in it I am not interested. Sorry but that is my movie watching standard.