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Wilson Audio Duette 2's vs Tekton Ulf's
Sunil Merchant. I am a Wilson Audio dealer The Wilson Audio Duette Series 2 is a formidable stand mounted loudspeaker. This speakers crossover is designed so you place it very close to your rear wall. Wilson Audio also installs Resistors to alter ... 
Has Rel fallen out of favor with audiophiles?
A Hi-Level connection, Proper placement and model selection, REL's installed in pairs are very strong practices as REL can benefit any speaker system. We are a REL Dealer and choose REL as they are a true Sub-Bass System. Powered by a truly audiop... 
Finally!! a mid priced (affordable) MQA DAC
Meridian's new 218 is only $995.00 Great sounding DAV. They are also releasing a new unit at cedia with an Amplifier built in for $1500.00 Amazing sound.  
I would advice you to find a good Brick and Mortar store and have him set it up for you in your home. Makes a big difference.  
Gryphon Diablo 300: at the top of Integrated Amps?
I own a Store in Los Angeles. Sunny Components IncLook at all the press we got from the LAAS and the accolades for the T+A Integrated Amplifier from the HV Series PA3100HV you can also in future add a power supply on this integrated. Sounds absolu... 
Two preamps are available....
Used units used sparingly could be amazing. A used unit by someone living 10 ft from the ocean would be a problem as salt water corrodes electronics especially open designs like tube gear.Even very good capacitors have a set period of time like 15... 
Your choice - TT, Arm, Stage, Cartridge - $5000 budget
I also have Luxman PD-171 with a tonearm and Koetsu cart. Store Demo at $5500.00I also have VPi Prime with a fantastic Audio Research Phono Preamp and cart package for reasonable money. 626-966-6259. www.sunnyaudiovideo.com 
Your choice - TT, Arm, Stage, Cartridge - $5000 budget
You can get a Technics SL-1200G for $3995.00You can get a Cart and Phono stage for about $1500.00 A bit more but amazing.  
Has Rel fallen out of favor with audiophiles?
REL's are the top choice amongst 2 channel and accurate theater reproduction. 2 REL 212's would be amazing so will the new REL No 25. www.sunnyaudiovideo.com626-966-6259 
Subwoofer for classical music listener
Only REL subs work well.  
Thinking of replacing my Bat spaceheater with class D, real world thoughts please
I would like to first start by saying I am a dealer of some great sounding HI-FI products. If you're making a move to Class D or Class G Amplification, Make sure the manufacturers are making a Great Analog power supply. Always keep the Amps on. Do... 
Cartridge reccomdations?
Lyra Delos is awesome. I am just installing one on a new Technics SL-1200G Table for a customer. 
Looking For Neutral Tube Amp Recommendation
I love the T+A M10 Amplifiers --My store also just took in trade a pair of Audio Research Mono blocks the Ref 250SEVery nice.  
Pass Labs
Technics has a 8K system thats amazing !  
New Wilson - Wamm Master
The finest best selling Audiophile speaker designer / manufacturer decides to build a true statement speaker. Just like a La Ferrari , The finest car I have seen but never got a chance to drive. Listening to the Wamm is a dream. Me David Wilson ta...