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Do equipment stands have an impact on electronics?
Yes Every single product has a defined rate of vibration. Using devices as a Hrs platform on a Hrs rack made a huge difference in my system. You must try Every product in your system.  
Which Processor?
You have some great choices...You have not considered Meridian. Meridian G65 is a very Powerful and Analog sounding Surround Sound processor made ! You can go Active or Passive with the Meridian systemWe offer the G65 for $4999.00Combine it with t... 
What used speaker would you buy with $20,000-$35,000 and why?
We at Sunny Components have several ideas...Eggleston Works Andra 3Wilson Audio Sasha Series 2T+A Elektroakustic TCD110 S 
Powerful, smallish floorstanders with high WAF?
We At Sunny's have several options for you.www.sunnyaudiovideo.com626-966-6259. Eggleston Works Andra at $10995.00 a pair. MINT ! Wilson Sophia 3 -- $ 10,500.00 
Just moved to an apartment need speaker suggestions
We at Sunny Components Inc, USA have a pair of Amphion Argon 3 small 2 way floor standers for $2000.00 a pair. Very nice for apartments. Look at our website www.sunnyaudiovideo.com626-966-6259.  
Recommendations for theater room processor and amp
Sunny Components Inc, USA626-966-6259.sunnyaudiovideo.comWe have 1 special on a very nice combination. 1 Marantz AVR8802------$3999.00 Retail.1 Lexicon RX-7 & Channel amplifier. $6000.00 Retail This combination $5000.00 
Audio Research discontinuing lower lines components?
Sunil Merchant.Sunny Components Inc, USA626-966-6259. sunnyaudiovideo.comWe are an Audio Research Full Line Dealer.Audio Research Corporation has always been a Leader in building, engineering and delivering amazingly great sounding tube gear.They ... 
Most musical integrated amp you have heard?
Boulder 865 Easily the finest Solid State Integrated Amplifier. 
The Hub: Numbers unclear, but strongest RMAF yet!
Fantastic Show ! I will attend every year ! Lot's of serious stuff to look at & purchase ! Serious gear ! Who said High end is fading ? It's alive & kickin ! Loved AUDIO ! 24/7 2 days....Just Paradise...Come to the show in Newport Beach an... 
Focal JMlab Alto Utopia speaker cable
Transparent Cables work very well with JM Labs. 
Has Anyone heard The Boulder 1021 CD player?
Absolutely the finest gear built. 24K buys you serious performance, boulder reliability, exceptional functionality & above all the finest sounding front end EVER ! I am a dealer for various CD Players. This is by far the sweetest sounding unit. 
certin speaker makers harder to get dissounts fro
Discounting is a disease. I dont know where you guys get the idea that there is 50% mark up. All you guys need to go to accounting school if you seriously believe in this crap. A typical senerio. A store in Los Angeles Ca.3000 sq ft. rent 5000.00E... 
Anyone listened to ML Vantage?
The Vantage is a great speaker ! I finally got a pair for my own Theater. I own a music store & have 8 other mfg's to choose from. The Vantages however need to be broker in for at least 200 hours before they shine. I would also play around in ... 
Arcam CD36: Any opinions?
Way Way Better than the CD33 in my opinion. Almost no noice ! Truly almost Black.The T+A Redbook CD Player called the cd1230 is Way better. 
Anyone hear the new Hyperion 968 speakers at CES?
Yes ! They were just OK !