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Is There any Truly "High End" Integrated Amp?
I am using a T+A V10 on Focal JM Labs Nova Utopia BE. This is the most amazing peice of gear I have gotten in my store ! I use this with Transparent Cable ! 
amp to match amphion
I am a dealer for Amphion & have very good experience with this speaker ! I love this speaker with 2 different systems ! The YBA Pre 3 is what I'm using right now & I can sell you this set of Pre-amp & Amplifier for 2100.00 the retail ... 
B&W or JM labs
T+A is the Bomb. The Diva Utopia needs room to breathe, but once positioned correctly, it kicks A** 
Best Tube Amp under 10K?
I own a T+A V10 integrated amplifier which I feel is absolutely amazing.Sunil @ 626-966-6259