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Naim CD 5X worth 2x the cost of the Naim CD5i-2?
I did just that 3 weeks ago. I purchased a Naim CD5i-2 and loved the Naim sound so much, I decided to upgrade. I bought the CD5X and Flatcap2x together (both used) for twice the price of the CD5i-2. I have not played the CD5X without the Flatcap2x... 
CD players with volume control?
McIntosh MCD201 / MCD301 
"Classic Yes" album question...
Could it be the versions from Yessongs (3 LP live set)?These are they only two older versions of these songs I know of. 
Sound of Naim cd 5i italic
I just got one about 2 weeks ago, so it's still breaking in. But I have to say that it beats hands-down a number of CDP's that I've had over the years. These include: McIntosh MCD201, Lector 0.6T, Marantz DV-8400, Sony DVP-9000ES.First thing I not... 
Which CD/DVD players/transports output 24/96?
Sony DVP-S9000ES will output 24/96 through coax or Toslink. 
Does Sony Blue-ray BDP-S350 output HD audio from ?
The new Sony BDP-550, coming out in October, will decode TrueHD internally and output through the analog jacks. I am thinking of purchasing this one so I can use my Anthem AVM20. 
Need help in finding Rudy Van Gelden reissues list
Here you 
Paradigm Monitor 7s
I use Monitor 7s in a surround system for movies. Monitor 5s for rear and CC-370. I originally tried the 7s in a 2 channel system. They sounded just okay considering their price. I think Entrope best describes them. If you do want Paradigms, I wou... 
Best jazz covers of rock songs
Stanley Jordan- Stairway to Heaven from Stolen Moments. He has an amazing guitar technique. 
I went from AP Oval 9 bi-wire to Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun. Everything came alive bottom to top. An amazing difference between these two cables.I think you would be very pleased with these. 
Your First Concert was.....
Creedence Clearwater 1970, Los Angeles Forum. I was 13 and went with my cute neighbor who just got her driver's license. Brooker T and the MGs opened. 
Your First Concert was.....
I was 13 and went with my cute neighbor who just got her driver's license. Brooker T and the MGs opened. 
Cable Auctions by Manufacturers
I won a Zu Xaus phono cable on e-bay from Zu Cable.From payment to front porch was 3 days. They shipped Fed-Ex Ground included in price. 
general tonearm design question
I saw the same thing on the Origin Live website. As a matter of fact, I have an OL Silver tonearm on my Basis 1400. I could see no change in cantilever/sylus azimuth position when I used a mirror on a few different positions on the platter.Origin ... 
McIntosh MC252 vs. MC352
I am the owner of an MC252. I have heard both, and besides a little more horsepower from the MC352, I could not heard much difference. If you have a large room or speakers that need the 100 watts over the MC252, get the MC352.My room is 15x12, so ...