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Michael Brecker R.I.P.
Michael's playing on McCoy Tyner's Infinity is simply amazing. His playing will truely be missed. 
Turntable Shoot Out $2000-3000
What about Basis???? 
I am looking for a CD player that has the ........
The Lector CDP 0.6t is by far the most musical CD player I have heard in any price range. It meets 2 out of 3 of your required features. Why opposed to using functions on the remote? The Lector has such a beautiful black luster finish, I would hat... 
How to use Record Research Lab cartridge cleaner?
I use the soft brush (built into cap) to drip a couple of drops of fluid to the stiff brush, never touch the soft brush to the stiff brush. That way I don't contaminate the fluid.I use the stiff brush to clean the stylus. Just be gentle, and only ... 
Proceed Pre vs. Today's preamps
I used a Proceed PRE about 5 or 6 years ago. Since then I have had a VAC Standard (tube) and a McIntosh C42 (SS). Both of these preamps so outclassed the PRE it isn't funny. The PRE presented a very harsh metallic high end, mids weren't too lush. ... 
Marantz dv 8400 go to 9500 or seperate dac
I am currently using my DV8400 with an Electrocompaniet ECD-1 upsampling DAC. Great improvement over the redbook capabilites of the Marantz. Much more air around instruments, deeper, tighter bass. Soundstage and imaging are incredible.Theo- any re... 
Marantz DV8400 SACD/CD question
I was afraid of that. I have the SACD layer set as the default. I just wanted to occasionally play the CD layer through my DAC. I don't have the system hooked up to a monitor. 
Pre-amp suggestions for MC 402 amp
I would also say to stick with McIntosh. If you want to stay with SS, I would recommend the C46. 
Two preamps connected to one amp?
Any recommendations for a switch that has RCA and Balanced inputs and output of Balanced? 
What spikes for VR-4Jr's ?
I am using Audiopoints 1.5AP for my VR-3.5's. Very nice sturdy points. Much better than stock points. 
Recommendations on movie scenes for subwoofers
Definitely "U-571". You should feel like you are in a submarine with those depth charges going off all around. 
Totem Forest or Hawk -Help
I can probably get the speakers about 16-18" from front wall. Can't do much with the sides. I probably could roll them out on the "Claws" when doing serious listening. I'll have too play around with the position.Don't the corners re-enforce the ba... 
Totem Forest or Hawk -Help
Based upon my speaker placement, see System photo, would the Forest or Hawk give me the best overall results?I have no problem driving either of these,have plenty of power. 
Recommended Amp for B&W cdm 9nt
I recently purchased a McIntosh MC252 for my B&W CDM7NT's.This 250 watt SS amp really has the power to drive the B&W's the way they were intended. These speakers need loads of current to really open up. The MAC amp is pretty neutral, with ... 
Special birthday audio gift to yourself?
Hoping to spend about $5000-7000 on new speakers in about 14 months, for my big 5-0.I'll be researching and listening to everything in the meantime.Congrats to all who've made it this far!!!