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Sub for Totem model 1
I would highly recommend the Totem Lightning sub. I friend of mine has this sub in conjunction with the Totem Tabu speakers. Fantastic sounding combo. Used price is around $800-900. I wouldn't go with anything less for your Model 1 speakers. Save ... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
...and I'm hovering like a fly, waiting for the windshield on the freeway - Fly on a Windshield, Genesis: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. 
Importance of Power Conditioner?
How's the VAC???I use a Panamax 5300 for all the low current electronics; preamp, DAC, transport, etc.The amp gets plugged directly into the wall. This being a dedicated 20A line.I definitely noticed a difference between using a PC with the amp an... 
Personal amp evolution
Guess I'll add mine after seeing this post has run for over 2.5 years.Start: Acurus A150Parasound 1500AAnthem Amp2 SEVAC PA100/100McIntosh MC126 
Tube amp/preamp for B&W CDM 9NTs
I agree with Rhljazz.I had VAC pre and PA100/100 driving B&W CDM 7NT.Great sounding combo.You would be hard pressed to better the reliablity and customer service of VAC. 
Does Sony DVP-S9000ES Feeds Digital Out For CD?
It also outputs true 24/96, enabled by on-screen menu.The 9000ES makes an excellent transport, with the right DAC. I currently use an EAD 7000 III. 
did my wife harm my speakers?
How old is the Proceed PRE? I had one from 1997 and it always changed my TV volume and PRE volume. Madrigal has an upgraded chip to fix this. I contacted them and they sent the chip to me and I installed it myself. Contact them. This is a known pr... 
Stereo amp to drive one center channel speaker?
I had an Acurus A150 that I used for my center channel for awhile. I just used one channel (right)input and connected speaker to that side. Don't hook up anything to the unused side. Should work fine. You may want to consult with the manufacturer ... 
Questions on the Camelot Arthur 3.0 Mk.II??
I had one for about 3 months. I found the sound to have a harsh/shrill character in the upper mid range and treble, and to be extremely resolving and detailed. This was being used with tube equipment even.I even tried it with the Dragon anti-jitte... 
Best CCR album?
Overall, prefer Green River. It has a darker, moodier feel to it. It does not contain Suzy Q, that is on CCR's first album (sorry, Twl).If you want a good beginning CCR album, I would go with Willy and the Poor Boys. I love Fortunate Son.Hope this... 
Best HDCD Jazz CDs
Bean Bags: Milt Jackson/Coleman HawkinsBrazil: Charlie RouseLive at Chene Park: Jon-Luc Ponty 
Mark Levinson No. 39 act as a preamp?
I believe that the No.39 only accepts digital inputs. So yes, it may be used as a preamp, but only for digital sources. The SCD-1 would only be able to play CD (Redbook)through the No.39, since SACD output is analog.Check out the on-line manual po... 
Spy Game DVD on Toshiba SD-9000 Question
Have the same problem on SD-1700. Even if you go to the Menu and choose No Subtitles, subtitles will start popping up about 5 minutes later. I have heard that this is a known compatability problem with this disc and Toshiba players.I rented the DV... 
I need advice on my first step into separates. B&W
I used an Anthem AMP2SE for about a year with my CDM7NTs. Seemed to be a really nice match. Plenty of power (200W/ch)and the speakers really shined. I only sold the amp to purchase a VAC PA100/100. You may also want to look into getting a good 2 c... 
multi-channel amps Anthem, B&K, or Rotel
Check out the Adcom GFA-7500. 150w/channel, THX certified. You should be able to find it for around $1000 or so.I'm driving an all Paradigm system and it has plenty of power to spare.Good luck.