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Tube Recommendation for Anthem Integrated 2
You might try and find Brimar 6922. Anthem uses these in their upgrades. I installed one in my Anthem CD-1 CD player.Should give you a warmer sound. Good for jazz. 
Does a CD Transport need to be HDCD ALSO?
One nice feature of the Levinson No.36 Dac is that you can defeat the attenuation of non-HDCD discs.Great sounding DAC!!! 
Tube Pre into HT system?
VAC Standard PRE has Cinema mode for straight pass-through for HT. You don't even have to turn on the PRE.Great sounding unit!!! 
Furniture-grade cd storage
Check out the oak CD storage Cubes by Lorentz Design. They have 3 drawers,hold about 300 discs and are really beautiful furniture. I have 4 of them. 
Any opinions on VAC preamps?
I have had the VAC Standard Pre for about 6 months and give it the utmost praise. I have never heard a sweeter pre for under $5000. I am using the Pre to drive an Anthem AMP2 and B&W CDM7NT. The sound is very lush, but detailed, nothing harsh ... 
Sonic Frontiers Service
Nick responded to my e-mail in about 3 days. I was also able to talk with him 2 days ago. He answered in 2 rings (that's a first).I kind of think he is a one man Tech Dept. He seems to be very knowledgeable on the SF and Anthem amps. 
Bi Wire cables for B W 805N
For a reasonable priced cable,I don't think you can beat the DH Labs Q-10. I'm using them bi-wired with B&W CDM 7NT. After about a 50-75 hour break-in, they really open up. 
I've subscribed for 5 years with 2 moves and they've always come through. A few have arrived about a week after it hit the newsstands, though.But, overall, no complaints. BTW, I live in So. Cal. 
Sorry Jeff.I did purchase them from you. They sound fantastic and the build quality is top notch!!!So folks, It's Jeff @ Value Audio. 
I upgraded to Q-10 Bi-wire from Kimber 8VS. The Q-10 is definitley a step up. Tighter bass and a little more defined mid-range. Highs sound about the same. FYI, I have them connected to B&W CDM 7NT.The cables were purchased from Jeff at Soundv...