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Integrated for 2500 new or used?
You might want to take a look/listen to the Wyred4Sound STI-500 or STI-1000(if you require more power). Very nice sounding integrated amps at a great price. 
for Bill Evans fan
Listening to "Quintessence" right now. Ranks right up there with the best. For a great live recording, I recommend "The Last Waltz", Bill's final recordings, with Joe LaBarbera & Marc Johnson. 
Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE vs Bryston BP6?
IMHO, I would skip ahead and get yourself a Wyred 4 Sound STI-500 Integrated amp and be done with it. 
Looking for Integrated Amp for Dynaudio 1.3 MkII's
Wyred4Sound STI-500. $1995, Can't do much better at that price, IMHO. 
good monitor speaker for a large room
You may want to consider the Totem Mani-2. With enough power driving it, it will fill your room with solid bass. No need for subwoofer. 
It's Sunday afternoon...what wax is on your table?
Creedence Clearwater-Cosmo's FactoryDavid Bowie-David LiveWarren Zevon-Excitable BoyCharles Mingus-Oh YeahToto-Toto IV 
Small monitors/bookshelves for classical music
Look into ERA D4 or D5 speakers. I was amazed by the sound these speakers put out. I listened to classical music from the D5 and was very impressed. 
best sounding integrated for under 2500.00
I recommend the Wyred4Sound STI-500. 250w/ch, many features and very well built. Prior the STI-500, I had a Naim XS and McIntosh C42 preamp/MC252amp. STI-500 betters them all. Read the reviews. Talk to Walter at Underwood. 
Separates or Receiver to modernize home theater?
I'll chime in.I have the excact same Anthem set-up. MANY times I have thought about going the modern receiver route (HDMI, decoding all the new Blu-ray formats, etc.). After listening to numerous receivers at dealers and friends' houses, you reall... 
New Zu Mission cable
I've only had my Mission interconnects for about 2 weeks. I would say they are equal to, or slightly better, than the Wylde. They seem to have a little more bass authority. I could live with either the Mission or Wylde. Both are very nice sounding. 
Using the Logitech Duet Remote with the Touch
According to Logitech, it will. I am planning on moving my Duet to bedroom system and add Touch to den system. Use the Duet remote for both. 
dac for squeezebox touch
I'm using a Wyred4Sound DAC-1 with my SB Duet. Previously had the DacMagic. The DAC-1($995) was a Major step up. 
New Zu Mission cable
Got my 2 pairs yesterday. XLR pair and RCA pair. Very thin cables. They use a common center section, then split out on both ends. Need breaking in, but so far I notice more solid bass compared to Wylde. 
Anyone using a Lyra Delos yet?
Jonathan - Thanks much for your detailed explanation of Lyra's current and future cartridge build plans. Lyra's operaton is in such contrast to a much larger operation, such as Ortofon.I will be looking at the Dorian soon. 
How is a subwoofer connect to a 2 channel system?
George - Can't use "Tape Out", no volume control from pre-amp. My particular Integrated Amp has a subwoofer line out.