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DAC to match $2-3K CD player
Afranta- W4S DAC-1 has more detail (don't take that as harsh, etchy)and bass is more solid. CD5x tended to call attention to some parts of the audio spectrum, while seeming to attenuate others. Not knocking the CD5x, I had it for about 2 years and... 
DAC to match $2-3K CD player
I have a SQ Duet and Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1. Also had a Naim CD5x at same time.Compared them. Sold CD5x. 'nuf said. 
mcintosh mcd 301vs 201
I have owned 2 McIntosh CDP's in the past (MCD201 & MVP871). Did not care for either, even though they were used in a McIntosh system. There are much better players out there for the same price. Just my opinion. 
Anyone using a Lyra Delos yet?
Jcarr - What is the plan if something happens to Mishima and he is unable to build anymore cartridges? Does Lyra go belly-up?? I would think that a few more people would be trained to carry on the work of one man. 
W4S DAC1 / Stello DA100 / Cary Exciter DAC.
SB Touch has better analog output than Duet. Don't know if the digital outputs are that much different between the two. But, I was thinking about getting the Touch and putting the Duet/DacMagic into the bedroom system. 
W4S DAC1 / Stello DA100 / Cary Exciter DAC.
Source is Squeezebox Duet with CI Audio power supply. Cables: Zu Cable Ash Digital and Zu Cable Wylde interconnects. I have about 1100 ripped CD's.DAC-1 should make a nice overall improvement.Erikminer - You are absolved of all responsibilities. 
W4S DAC1 / Stello DA100 / Cary Exciter DAC.
Just ordered a W4S DAC-1 to replace DacMagic. I based purchased on talking with Walter at UnderwoodWally and reading up on opinions (such as Erikminer). I should have by end of next week. 
Wyred DACS
Ronwills-Did you have another DAC before the DAC-1? If so, which DAC and how did it compare? 
Wyred DACS
Does anyone know if the sound of the DAC-1 and DAC-2 are essentially the same? Does the DAC-2 just add a preamp, AES input, etc. to the DAC-1?I'm thinking about replacing DacMagic with DAC-1. 
To buy or not to buy a used cartridge?
I've bought 4 used cartridges here on Audiogon over the last few years. All have been as advertised or better than expected. I always TALK to the seller. I find out about their equipment, LP cleaning, listening habits,etc. Then get a feel for thei... 
Wyred Dacs--Thoughts?
I'm wondering if the Wyred DAC-1 would be a substantial upgrade over the DacMagic? or just an incremental upgrade? Erikminer - Please keep us posted on your findings over the DacMagic. 
Acoustic Zen Adiago vs. ATC SCM40
Shakey- Be happy it wasn't "Grate Base"!!! 
Squeezebox duet best sounding output?
I tried both coax and Toslink from Duet feeding DacMagic. I prefered the coax. Seemed to be smoother, with more defined bass. 
Logitech Squeezebox Touch DAC: How Good?
What DAC are you using? 
Milty Zerostat - Questions
The pops/crackles are probably not from Static discharge, but are actually particles/mold release/crap, etc. in the grooves. These need to be cleaned with a good wet cleaning.