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Recommend upgrade DAC
I don't need, or want a USB input. Squeezebox Duet connects to DAC using coax digital cable. 
HDCD recommendations??
Waveman- Which Rolling Stones CD's are in HDCD? I have the ones that are SACD hybrids. 
Double Albums/CDs, curse or blessing?
I'll add another: Bruce Springsteen-The River. I don't believe this could have been edited down to a single LP. All sides are as they should be. 
Beatles Love Circue du Soleil
By far the best show in Las Vegas. I've seen it twice and will probaly see it again in the next year or so (if it is still playing). "A Day in the Life" scene just blew me away!!! 
Integrated amp suggestions for Spendor S5e
You can't go wrong with the Naim Nait XS. 
Most musical integrated amp you have heard?
Another vote here for Naim. I have a Nait XS. Most musical sound I've had in my system. Even beat McIntosh C42/MC252 combo. 
New or Old DAC
I am currently using a Cambridge Dacmagic. I can honestly say, after owning numerous high quality DAC's, this one is much better in ALL respects. Previous DAC's owned: Levinson 36, Classe DAC-1, Electrocompaniet, EAC DSP-7000 and Parasound DAC-200... 
Album art, windows and squeezecenter help
I'm at a loss.Check out Maybe you can find an answer.Good luck 
Album art, windows and squeezecenter help
Re-scan everything in Squeezecenter settings. That should do it. 
Album art, windows and squeezecenter help
Name your artwork "cover.jpg" or "folder.jpg" and put it in the same folder as the album. Squeezecenter will see it.I am using dbpoweramp to rip all my CD's to flac.Using SB Duet and Cambridge Dacmagic. Sounds amazing!!! 
Praise for DacMagic
KS- I'm using MA RS6 too. Driven by Naim Nait XS. Nice sounding speakers for small to medium size room. 
Praise for DacMagic
I have been using my new Dacmagic for about a week. Probably have 20 hours on it. I leave it on 24/7.Can you hear much difference between MIN Phase & Linear Phase filters? I definitely hear the Steep filter. I have been using the Linear filter... 
Amp recommendation for RS6
I would not call Naim "bright". Dynamic, Yes. Very lively, you are there, kind of sound paired with the RS-6's. For comparision, I originally had the RS-6 paired with McIntosh amp. No excitement at all. Sounding kind of dull. 
Praise for DacMagic
I just purchased the Dacmagic (will receive later this week). It will be used in conjunction with Squeezebox Duet and possibly an older CD changer. Looking forward to hearing the results. 
Amp recommendation for RS6
I very highly recommend the Naim Nait XS. I have been using this combo for about 6 months. Never heard my system sound better.