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Thinking about Laptop system - Newbie Questions
I have decided to use FLAC instead of wma lossless, since it is a native format for Squeezebox Duet. Using a trial version of dBpoweramp to rip and/or convert. EAC seems to be a little too complicated for me. 
Thinking about Laptop system - Newbie Questions
Well, I decided to go with a Squeezebox Duet and Cambridge Dac Magic to start my music server adventure. It should give me a good base to start with. Now need to get a nice HD and back-up to store my tunes.Thanks to all for supplying some great info. 
Thinking about Laptop system - Newbie Questions
Richard - It would be much easier for my installation to use a SB Duet or Transporter. How is the sound quality of the SB Duet without DAC? Is it listenable until I get a DAC? 
Thinking about Laptop system - Newbie Questions
Rakuennow- I like the suggestion of forgoing the Logitech devices, just using laptop and DAC. One problem I have is that where I use the laptop is across the room from the DAC. Would need to use a long cable. Also, my laptop has 3.5mm digital (opt... 
DTS-HD Master Audio / Dolby TrueHD / PCM 5.1
Dweller - How can DTS-HD spin at a higher velocity? I thought all Blu-rays spin at a specified rate, faster at the be beginning, then gradually slower, as the laser goes from inner toward outer part of disc. Same as DVD, CD. 
Which speaker for 30 watts amplification at $1000?
I highly recommend the Monitior Audio RS6. Using this with Naim XS. Very nice bass output for a speaker of this size. 
How good is the Benz Mrico LP-S and Ruby 3 really?
I have the Rondo Bronze also. What don't you like about it? What does the rest of your system cocsists of? 
Very small very sensitive floor stander 1000?
Check out the Monitor Audio RS6. Very easy to drive (91dB). Amazing bass for this size floorstanding speaker. New under $1000. The the Rosenut wood is beautiful!!! 
Naim cd5i Mark II italic ?
First off, I bought the CD5x/Flatcap2x together, so never heard the CD5x without it.CD5i and CD5x seem to have the same Naim sound characteristics. Very dynamic, really gets your toes a tappin'. I would say that the CD5x/Flatcap2x combo probably i... 
Naim cd5i Mark II italic ?
You should notice quite an improvement over the Denon. What is the rest of your system? 
Naim cd5i Mark II italic ?
On the label on back of unit, model number will state CD5i ("i" in italic).I had one for about a month. Then stepped up to CD5x and Flatcap2x. The CD5i (italic) was probably the best CD player I have heard in quite a while. Blew the McIntosh MCD20... 
Anthem AVM 20 V.2, Outlaw 990, or ???
I have the Anthem AVM 20, using in 5.1 channel system. Wonderful sounding processor. Great for music and movies. One thing, which you may not be aware of: It does not decode any of the new blu-ray audio formats. You would need to get a blu-ray pla... 
The Elusive Denon DP 500M Turntable
I had this TT for about 4 months. Only vibration damping is the feet. Everything else is ridged. No means to adjust VTA. I thought it was very harsh sounding using Denon DL103. I really wouldn't recommend it. I would go with a similar priced Rega. 
Jazz at the Pawn Shop...
I never understood why this recording has such high regard. I sometimes play it as background music, but it is nothing special. 
Arm for Basis 2200?
I'm using Origin Liver Silver on my Basis 1400. Great tonearm for under $1000 used. I would love to eventually get the Vector 4.