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Moderate floorstanders for medium room
I have been using Monitor Audio Silver RS6 for the past two months and have been really impressed. Nice sound top to bottom. Amazing bass output for a speaker of this size. Had a nice review in Stereophile. 
mc252 v. mc501s in a 13 x14 room?
McIntosh MC252 has more than enough power in that room with those speakers. I use it in a 13x16 room with 11' ceiling. When played loud (to me) meters are just hitting 25 watts when using 89dB effeicency speakers. 
New integrated for Totem
All I can say is that a friend of mine is driving Totem Arros with a Unico SE Hybrid integrated. Sounds amazing with jazz.This is one integrated to check out. 
What Power Cable for Furman IT Reference 15i?
I use a PS Audio Statement SC on my Furman IT Ref 15. 
Mimt LP Protractor VPI Scoumaster Set Up Tool
What material in the Mint Tractor made from? How thick is it? 
Parasound 1500A amp extremely hot even at idle?
I haven't had my Parasound 1500A for a few years, but I don't recall it ever getting more than warm to the touch.Is this a recent change or has it always run this hot? 
Preamp inverts phase question:
Yep.You may or may not hear a difference. 
Best SACD player $1,000-$1,500 Range
I had the Parasound D200 for about a month or so. Nothing to write home about. My old Sony DVP-S9000ES had much better SACD performance all around, CD performance was about the same as D200. 
Best jvc xrcds.....
How My Heart Sings - Bill EvansSonny Rollins in JapanSettin' the Pace - John ColtraneEchoes of a Friend - McCoy Tyner 
VAC owners, sound off
I had a VAC Standard Pre and PA100/100 amp for a number of years. VERY well made equipment. Simple circuit designs, so I would not worry about 9 year old VAC gear. You may need to replace tubes, but they are a common type. Kevin Hayes is a great g... 
Floorstanding Speaker - Recommendation
I would recommend that you audition the Totem Hawk. It sounded great in my room, which is almost same size as yours, 13x15 with cathedral ceiling. Had very nice, tight bass when placed about 18" from front wall. These were driven with McIntosh MC2... 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
Rebbi - You may want to try the Totem Claws instead of spikes for your Arros. Your speakers would then sit on 3 large ballbearings. A friend of mine used these on his Arros sitting on hardwood floor and made a significant improvement. Tightened up... 
McIntosh MC352 or MC402?
I agree with Mtdking. Unless you are driving inefficient speakers and/or a very large size room, the MC252 has more than enough power. Save some money on the amp and start upgrading the CDP, preamp and speakers. I have compared the MC252, MC352 an... 
Minimum Wattage for b&W CDM 7NT speakers
I had these speakers a few years back. They are fairly efficient and you can power them to moderate levels with as little as 10 watts. But if you want to play them at high levels, they get somewhat power hungry. An integrated amp with a minimum of... 
Which one defines sound: Pre amp or Power amp?
I agree with Ryder. I would upgrade the speakers first, then preamp. I have McIntosh C42 preamp and MC252 amp. Without speakers that can extract the full potential of the McIntosh pieces, I wouldn't bother upgrading to better pieces like McIntosh,...