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Argo's Oscar nominations look like...
I found it entertaining for 2 hours on a plane, but have a hard time understanding what all the hype and gushing praise was about. Entertainment, but that was about it. 
B&W 802 Diamonds
Just fyi, it's bass, not base. 
Polk Audio RT2000p or LSi 25's--- WHO CARES ???
Asking about Polk's here is like going on a Ferrari site and asking about the performance of a Chevy Cobalt.Most don't shop for their audio gear at Best Buy, so knowledge of Polk's is, at best, marginal. You come off as a real whiner - Boo Hoo, no... 
A Great Deal on Audiogon
Paragraph man, PARAGRAPHS! Can't hardly read it. 
Weakest Link? Your honest opinions.
First, the typically hyper-reactive moderators didn't scrub dickrick's remark. Stunning. A completely needless and tasteless remark.Second, Elizibeth didn't use this to (as always) shill for Pangea powercords? What's this world coming to? Anyway, ... 
Best AV receiver to use as an AV pre amp
Really - READ HIS REQUEST. Noble100, what's not to understand? HE ISN'T INTERESTED IN 2 CHANNEL!!!! GAWD. Really, how thick can this forum get?Sorry Dallyd31, usually this crowd is quite self-impressed but rarely this thick.So, trying to help a bi... 
Best AV receiver to use as an AV pre amp
Reading comprehension capabaility seems to be at a minimum here, with the 2 channel bigots more than a little unsmart.Let's start with the title: "Best AV receiver to use as an AV preamp" Well duh, where's the 2 channel (or stereo) bit?He wants to... 
Gallo 3.5 Reference and best speaker cables
Basic paragraph structure: luck. 
Integrated amp: jumpers versus cables
Whatever you'd like to believe you'll hear, you'll probably hear. 
Looking for a Outlaw Amp for my LSi25s
If you're a fan of Billy Joel
Met Billy twice. He was glassy eyed drunk both times which I understand is his norm. Assume that explains his driving acumen. 
Power cable for Arcam receiver?
Pangea, ALWAYS Pangea.Honestly I have no clue, but Pangea is ALWAYS the most shilled cord here. 
Audiogon Hub vs. Audiogon Forums?
Another 100% agree 
What is the best....?
Pangea powercords of course. If you didn;t know that you will for each and every powercord thread. 
Slow speaker cables?
Just wait until cable PRAT (Pace, Rhythm, and Timing)discussions start up. Yup, cables that affect pace, rhythm and timing. This stuff never gets too goofy. As long as you believe.