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Building new house need advice on a dedicated room
How many times can the same question be asked?In any case, has a whole section on it. 
polk speakers
What do audiophiles listen in their cars?
Funny how you can almost hear the "sniff" after, I wouldn't consider listening in such an enviroment" types. Get over yourselves already. Music is entertainment, and because there's obstacles doesn't mean that it shouldn't be enjoyed. My Jag XF ha... 
Vote for Rush for hall of fame
Sarcher - Grand Funk was popular too, as are many of the rap "artists" that are talentless drones.Popularity and talent don't seem to have much in teh way of a correlation.With the exception of Peart, there are just soooo many good candidates befo... 
Vote for Rush for hall of fame
No thanks.Rush is the epitome of bad Canadian rules that make local music be played 65 or 75% of the radio content. Only "affirmative action" could have gotten Rush where they are today. 
Best subwoofer for music under $1,000
So far you've found the "best" in 6 categories. Apparently you're very lucky, or........With so many possibilities out there, and you've found the best so easily. What are the chances........ 
Power Cord For Cary SLP 05
Pangea. Always, and EVERY time. Pangea. Forever.I have no idea if they're worth a dump, but someone INSISTS on mentioning it no matter what the question - just getting there first.Oh, and I've always used Transparent to great effect as well. 
Nordost Brahma vs Heimdall 2 power cords
YUou haven't been keeping up with the threads. I just wanted to beat Elizibeth to the punch as every single power cord question come3s back with Pangea from her.Gets very old very fast.So anyway, yes, the answer to every single power cord question... 
Surround Speaker Question
: ZmanastronomyTimbre is not critical for the surrounds. Fronts and center, yes.This would be wrong.ZmanastronomyAs usual, there are going to be some that read to much into it. The OP wants a suggestion on surrounds without giving any info on the ... 
Nordost Brahma vs Heimdall 2 power cords
The answer to each and every power cord question is Pangea. EVERY power cord question. 
Anyone Using Bose 901 speakers In A Home Theater?
"good used 901's".Wait, isn't that an oxymoron? 
what speakers would you choose for a hometheater?
To the clueless who think that soundtracks aren't worthy of good speakers, you've obviously never listened (or heard) some of the great soundtracks and concert DVD's out there."A little knowledge is a dangerous thing". 
Best Power Cord for a Classe CA 2300
Funny, both being out-of-line and responding inappropriately, but still managing to shill (as usual) the Pangea powercord. Amazing. 
Onda Cables? Yes
Wait a minute. Less that 3 months ago, Kosta was gushing:"I took home the Frey 2 speaker cables shotgun. As soon as I installed them the liquid shimmer was everywhere. The music had a sense of relaxed and openness."Suddenly there's a new game in t... 
Onda Cables? Yes