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Intergrated Amp suggestions for B&W 805d4
2nd on the McIntosh MA352. Have tried it with B&W towers and the Mac brings out the best in them.  
Let me explain something to you jive turkeys.
Peace ✌ Love and Rock & Roll  
Turntable - The Next Step
Why not stay in the Musical Surroundings  family?  Clearaudio Concept or Innovations and Hana SH or SL cart.  Your excellent Phenomena II will handle MC or MM; I'd go MC. These MS components are designed  integrate together very well.    
Isolation Feet for Laptop
Peace, love, rock&roll and vibro pods. 😉  
What is it I'm failing to grasp?
Too many variable here:  Live: listening to Pat Methany or Dave Brubeck sons at the Lobero in Santa Barbara is vastly different from listening to Santana in Las Vegas or at the Microsoft theater.  In the live setting the venue is almost more signi... 
Whole new world
Just before making even more audio investments I had my hearing tested at Costco hearing aid center (it's free).  Not a bad exercise; I'm normal for age; I guess Led Zeppelin in my teens did less damage than I thought.  Hearing technician did sug... 
Another Subwoofer Cable Topic
Apologies if not reading your question correctly; I'm using two subs.  My IA has left and right sub RCA outputs. Each sub has L and R RCA inputs.  I'm simply running the L IA output to the L input on one sub and the R IA output to the R input on t... 
Let's see: Demand-Pull Inflation or Cost-Push Inflation or M*V=P*T  (if you know you know).  Why are we on this topic? Yes, @noske, the FEDs are top economists in the country and recent inflation cycles don't comply with our daily existence. But... 
As Economics Prof would say, "inflation is neither good or bad; you need just enough and not too much."  BTW, inflation is managed through the Fed, not the WH (but that's already been pointed out).   
A Suggestion Regarding Removal Of Posts
Hmm, I was thinking this is audio; not world peace or world hunger.  A hobby unless you're a dealer. If its self-validation that's essential, I'm not sure this site can help.  Spirited discussion on the merits of product or approach; why not?  Ot... 
Advice needed on MC cartridges
I went from an Ortofon 2M Black to the Hana SH (high output) MC.  As much as I enjoyed the detail of the 2M Black, I found it unforgiving and revealing of every flaw on a record.  The Hana is more detailed and surprisingly more forgiving.  I can't... 
Why dealers disparage certain products?
A timely post in light of a recent discussion (Mac or not). Well thought out evaluations are worth sharing on this platform; but there's sometimes a thin line between a fair assessment and a perceived attack.  In any event, the reader should cons... 
Oh Ye of Little Format
Brothers in Arms compared is SACD, 20th Anniversary Cat#9871498 vs vinyl and standard CD  
Oh Ye of Little Format
Sorry for confusing comparison explanation.  My comparison is based on Vinyl > SACD>High Resolution Bluetooth>Standard CDs. My point is even some vinyl is flat and lacking of detail; assuming a good source some of my SACDs can match my g... 
Oh Ye of Little Format
I play my SACDs on a McIntosh MCD85 SACD/CD player connected by balanced cables to a McIntosh MA352 IA and I notice a definite difference between most SACDs over Amazon Music  Super HD and Apple high resolution broadcast formats.  The thing is lik...