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Music for the spirit and the soul
Schubertmaniac:You referring to Sorrowful songs? Two options in amazon for Gorecki's ThirdThanks 
Limited budget-spend more money on amp or preamp?
Dawg:I'd suggest Warren's suggestion go with an integrated like he saysLuis 
How's my imaging?
Vman:Have you tried moving the speakers closer to you i.e. 2 ft and check vocals position changes if any?Do you have any ceiling accoustical tratment? It might be the case that a absorbing material at the ceiling tweeter reflection viewed from you... 
What concert or music DVD's are worth having?
Jon Fogerty : PremonitionEagles : Hell Freezes OverFleetwood Mac: The DanceI'm adding not repeating excellent recommendations already given by other fellow Audiogoners!! 
Tuff decision, need help
Jmabe:How long have you had the PSB's? Hours put on them?What's the other system parts i.e. cabling, etc.?What speakers did you have before the PSB's i.e. your previous reference ?In room set up of speakers and dimensions will help evaluate your s... 
My DVD player really heats up discs? ?
Jer:No cover will allow too much dust in unsuspected and difficult to reach places; I'd run a trial but doubt will be leaving permanently this way.Might the closeness to the amp increase the temp at the players location? Maybe the player does work... 
Your favourite recordings that everyone else hates
Sean seems you didn't get a response on the Ponty recommendation, Cosmic Messenger is a good 'ol favorite of mine!Yesterday I played it and went through a little trip to the past McLaughlin Extrapolation, Abercrombie Timeless, Close to the Edge, S... 
My DVD player really heats up discs? ?
Jer:If it's a ventilation issue you can temporarily place the player outside its current location and see if the heating degree is less. Half an inch is not that much in my opinion. What's above and below the player in the rack? 
Sound is too thin. What to upgrade, add or remove?
Jewel:You mentioned that your system sounds thin in the last months. Your virtual system is dated 06-04. So comes to mind having a little evolution /time / history of your rig.Have you made any changes to the system in this time span?Added new fur... 
Isolation for power line conditioner?
It's my experience that you should play with vibration control at any place you think it matters and also where you don't think it will.....I have vibration treatment in the power conditioner and the MIT network boxes. Have elevation / vibration i... 
Muse model 9 sig CD player how good?
Phil:Thanks for the input, Muse has been on my wishlist and your feedback made the craving increase!!!!!!!! 
Will sun exposure damage my speakers?
If the position allows too much light and you don't have options or glass tint is not of your liking, you might consider adding a fabric cover to your speakers to preserve them. In other words if you leave to work early in the morning and get back... 
Looking for an acoustic guitar recording..
CpdunnCould you share a couple of McLaughlin acoustic woth tryingThanksLuis 
Good Quality Distilled Water???
Audiophile= obsessed (I´m one!!).Gentlemen Your records are indeed far more contaminated than the distilled deionized water properly done you can buy!!I know, I am obsessed too!! i.e. audiophile but I see no point in overdoing something that's alr... 
Disappearing Speakers Sound Better To You ?
Jason:Definitely not quarters....., started using the provided spikes and rubber covered footers but found them lacking. After that used Audiopoints brass spikes way better..... and very solidly anchored to my tile floor. Then I got loose!! and fe...