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Used Rega Planet or Apollo vs. affordable PC audio
Really? An ex record exec said that discs will never die? Imagine that. ;-)Look at your VHS movie collection. Look at Netflix plans (and actions). There's no denying that the future is in file-based's only a question of where you want t... 
Interface comparo: Perfect Wave Bridge v: Sonos?
Thank you for the info. I'm eagerly awaiting my Cullen-modified Sonos now. :-) 
Best lines in a song
Hammer my bones on the anvil of daylight.- beck 
Suggest Speakers for Peachtree Nova
as will I for the affordable Rega R1s. I'd be psyched to hear the Ohms on the Nova too. 
is Cullen Mod beyond my systems and my ability?
(resurrecting an old post)Shazam, this is outstanding advice - thank you. After your comments, I looked hard at the PS Audio Perfect Wave (and future bridge), but ultimately had to decide that it's not in the cards for me - at least in 'this gener... 
Must see mini film on Audiophile Club of Athens...
Yes, thank you for posting -- a whole lotta love comes through from those guys! 
Audiophiles make terrific Enophiles
i love brian eno. especially as a producer. 
best vocal harmonies in rock
great stuff. but let's hear it about music from _this_ century, too! ;-)x2 Veruca Salt. Matthew Sweet. Dandy Warhols. Fountains of Wayne.... 
Decco power connection weak
Me. I haven't replaced it yet. Thinking about the affordable PS Audio Jewel, which is on the Sonos that's stuffed inside my Decco... 
System worthy of XLR IC? If so, any recs?
that's awesome -- thanks! 
Are there any albums you consider perfect?
Great stuff. I agree with almost everything here (which was someone's insightful point earlier). Bowie's missing, though. Heroes and Scary Monsters, at minimum, make the cut for me. 
Peachtree Nova and my Totem Sttafs...?
I've got it's identical-looking but slightly less-capable precursor, the Decco, which sits in our modern home. It gets rave compliments on its looks from guests, and is an outstanding piece of hardware. Incredible bang for the buck. My source is a... 
more adjectives to help define 'fatigue' vectors?
love that Entrope. it generally safe to say that the type of excessive stimulation audiophiles experience, and describe as fatiguing, is generally high frequency information? That the HF portion of the experience is where folks are finding t... 
more adjectives to help define 'fatigue' vectors?
this thread is helpful, but still confusing to this newbie: 
Jolida integrated with remote and pre-outs?
I have the sense that at least some of the Jolida specs are subject to continual change/improvement. :-)I recently received a JD302brc, which (surprise!) arrived with a bypass switch as well as XLR inputs...neither of which show up in the photos o...