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Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs
'Come to Love' by Matthew Sweet. 
Interface comparo: Perfect Wave Bridge v: Sonos?
have to say that I'm not super-hopeful that the PS interface will really do the trick. interface design is, unto itself, it's own whole discipline that very very few companies get even close to right. it's not a sideline venture. 
help me make sonos better
Hur. My understanding is that part of what the Monarchy DIP does is to boost the outgoing signal from ~0.5V to ~5.0V, giving any downstream DAC a better/stronger signal to work with. Is that completely unrelated to the pros/cons of using the varia... 
really? .89c ground lifters?
(I'm all grounded here. Or at least, electrically speaking I am.) 
Where does your user name come from?
mine just cracked me up. 
really? .89c ground lifters?
sorry, I glossed right over IEC in your post. 
really? .89c ground lifters?
it's like being visited upon by the gods when you weigh in, Albert. Seriously, thank you for taking the time. Very much appreciated.To clarify, you're opening up the IEC connector and dropping the ground there? And is it generally the amp (or one ... 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Sometimes less is more. For example, the few bars of brilliant, crystalline perfection in Todd Rundgren's solo in 'I Saw The Light.' 
help me make sonos better
Greywolf, I'll bet that sounds great! Looks like an incredible DAC all the way around.Meanwhile, on the baby-step side of the equation, I added the Monarchy DIP 48/96 upsampler to my system as Edgejazz encouraged, and the results are, essentially,... 
Bel Canto DAC3 vs Peachtree Nova
There are far more expert folks here to respond, but it's my understanding that the Bel Canto DAC would be vastly superior (on paper, anyway) to the Peachtree. I own the closely-related (particularly in regard to the DAC portion) Decco. Of course,... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
he's the farmers barren fieldsthe force the army wieldsthe expession in the faces of the starving childrenthe power of the manhe's the fuel that drives the clanhe's the motive and conscience of the murdererhe's the preacher on tvthe false sincerit... 
more adjectives to help define 'fatigue' vectors?
OutSTANding, Duke. Thank you for this and your email as well. I really appreciate your POV and expertise, and your taking the time to explain this at the High School level for me. :-) Will be back in touch via email. 
Modernists Unite, or: saying no to room treatment
Crad, excellent post. Can you provide some more detail, or (very) general specifications for these rooms?'there were many rooms and offices that needed excellent acoustics while still keeping up with proper aesthetics but with a low build cost. (e... 
lessloss blackbody
I agree - spectacular showroom. Just stunning. 
more adjectives to help define 'fatigue' vectors?
Bob, that might be what i've got going on, although this question was really academic at the time I posted it...I was reading the word fatigue used here and had no idea what part of the spectrum it came from, if everybody was talking about the sam...