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Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Right now it would be Rene Marie She has a new CD titled Experiment In Truth. Excellent recording of none audiophile music. In other words it is terrific. I believe you can download some free from her website. 
Just moved and have a smaller audio room 10.5 x 15
Should be a no brainer. Go with the Quads. You can always sell them for what you paid for them if you don't like them. Of course with the Quads you will probably end up looking at nice tube amplifiers to drive them. You know one thing leads to ano... 
Whic CD player would you pick and why
Well your speakers have great sound staging and great resolution. I would want to make sure your cd player has great imaging, both width and depth or front to back layering because that can really make magic. Not sure your price range but take a l... 
Less noise during intense listening sessions.
That same thing used to happen to me. The solution turned out to be Pinot Noir. I know it sounds crazy but after two glasses ( 12 oz not 8 oz preferred) I find that I am really relaxing into the music. Great upgrade as well for overall improvement... 
How to reproduce sound of piano
Johnathan Valin did a review of the Wilson benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator. It uses an 18" very stiff carbon fiber diaphragm that operates in push pull, much like an electrostatic. Very, very fast. Breath taking fast. Lots of patents at work he... 
will adding a subwoofer improve overall audio
The Wilson benesch Torus will do all the above. It wouldn't improve the clarity of your speakers, but will the lower bass. Not a lot of buzz on it, though JV at TAS did an in depth review, pretty expensive at 10K. Since I am a dealer for WB I am s... 
Favorite Speakers at RMAF
My favorite speakers at the RMAF were the Wilson benesch Curves in our room. The odds are they would not have sounded nearly as good without the excellent and modestly priced electronics we used. The new deHavilland prototypes 50A, a remake of the... 
High efficient speakers
GloryThe DeVore's are good. You might also look at the Reference 3A line of speakers. Seems like they are about 90+ db. Just as important they come alive with low power amps and they can really fill a room, even a large room. I used to be a dealer... 
Can speaker cabinet vibrations be fixed?
JsangeloI was referring to the screws used to install the drivers. When you had them refoam the woofers they unscrewed them. I am guessing that those screws need to be tightened up again. Not a big deal. Give me a call if you need more info. Jim 
Watt Puppy 7 needs new or used Amp and Pre-amp
AtmaspherYou are a manufacture arn't you?? 
Speakers sound best facing wall????
WarynThis is really scary. An audiophile who has good hearing!.. This could be unique. One answer could be that you are hearing distortion which even at a low volume can really make you crazy. 
Can speaker cabinet vibrations be fixed?
You should make sure that the screws that hold your woofers in place have not come lose. 
I would appreciate some speaker suggestions
Boy that is a pretty low budget, especially for new speakers. One thing that doesn't happen much is really low bass on a low budget. You should consider some monitor speakers. Harbeths or Reference 3A's, Merlins are pretty good. Haven't listened t... 
Wilson Benesch and Marantz Reference
We had unbelievable synergy at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. We had the Curves and the ACT's paired with deHavilland electronics.John Zurek"DeHavilland Electronics with Wilson Benesch speakers. The room we revisited th... 
Watt Puppy 7 needs new or used Amp and Pre-amp
What kind of budget do you have?