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CD players with variable output/volume control
I like the Shanling CD-100. Not expensive about $2000 retail. Our store sells them for about $1700. Very very nice. Remote volume control. Stunning looks. 
A. A. Capitole owners - what's the next step??
Save your money. Get a new pair of the deHavilland GM-70's amplifiers. No CD upgrade can equal that. 
Looking for a crystal clear / dynamic tube preamp
I think we would all agree. A world beater tube preamp with remote for about $2000. Wouldn't that be nice. 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
These little speakers could produce music like you could never dream of. Small book shelf. Big soundstage. Huge dynamics. wow. 
Best Monitors for Rock N' Roll under $2500
Boy. Hands down for rock and louder volumes the Reference 3A mm de Capo's. I used to have some wild Holloween parties with the de Capo's used them rather then larger floor standers because they can go loud and handle the power. You can blast away ... 
Best tube pre-amp below US $ 10.000,00 ?
I know there a guy or two out there with tin ears but for my money the deHavilland Mercury 2 is the best preamplifier I have ever heard. Large tubes large soundstage. No sizzle no bacon frying on the stove. Just clean tonally correct music. Yes mu... 
Speakers for vocalists
In a dynamic loudspeaker the FJ's do a great job with vocals as do the Zingali's. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
What is your definition of a "best" loudspeaker. How about the loudspeaker that makes you think you are listening to live music. The Cain & Cain single horns or the Zingali Overture 4's or the Wilson Benesch Curves. To name a few. Unless you h... 
Zingali Speakers Opinions
Sure why not. I am a dealer for Zingli and can attest to how much they sound like live music (are speakers supposed to do that?) The Overture series is beautifully built with real wood horn and 1 1/2" front wood panel and rear panel. Georgous. Fas... 
Best value speakers available
I don't think you really get to hear the music until you get into a speaker like the Ref 3A's. These guys really light it up. I know you bass freaks out there are going to "#hit" but that is the truth. You can almost have state of the art sound wi... 
best monitor for tubes?
How much power does your amp have?