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Speaker recommendations please
I second the Meadowlark spkrs. Easy to place and easy to drive. I have used them w/tubes(Anthem amp1) and ss(Audible Illusions S-120). 
Turbodieselvw what I meant was that there are people who are miles from a brick and mortor business. Those who may have to resort to the net for purchases don't need any news such as this posting. Also with the ordinary Joe who again are miles awa... 
Wow I know this guy personally! I have not seen him in about 5yrs but I would have never thought he would do this. I have to say however he did fall through a couple of times when I wanted to trade. He seemed to have an excuse most of the time. I ... 
Help on Telefunken tubes
Thanks Albert for the advice. The tele in question turned out to be a au7. Good listening! 
Lost in the Powercord Jungle
As Greh has stated the Virtual Dynamics cords are very good. Look up there site and talk to Rick. He will steer you in the right direction. Good hunting! 
Suggestions for a tube preamp
Hiflyer if you get a chance listen the Aronov LS9000. I replaced a AE-3 with one and I never looked back. Just for your info the AE-3 replaced a LS-7. I thought the LS-7 just didn't cut it. Best of luck on your search. 
Pristine Jazz
Hi Warrenh, I recently got my hands on a DCC jazz cd of Art Peppers intensity and Wes Montgomery's Goin' out of my head. Both are taken from the master tapes and include original artwork. Very nice! You also may want to check out npr jazz for blue... 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Can't forget John Scofield now can we? Mark Whitfield also gets my vote-listen to the true blue cd. 
Tube suggestions for the Aronov LS 9000
I stand corrected. Thanks to Dekay and the Catman for there replies. I have got to go through my box of tubes to see what I find. The rca's sound really good and I may just try to find a second quad for a backup. 
Tube Pre-Amp Upgrade Advice for Young Audiophile
Sqiddy I too have a AE-3 that has the oil cap upgrade. I just purchased a pair of Infini caps to replace the Kimbers that are stock. I will try to get the Infini's in this weekend. Although I can't speak on the Rouge,CJ,and Blue Circle gear I real... 
Black glass KenRad 6SN7s take the cake
Wow this a thread I can really sink my teeth into! I agree 110% with Twl. I have two pairs of the wgt's and they sing. I had a pair of the VT231's but they didn't faze me. Funny thing that version I had was not a mil spec tube. It had the same con... 
Polarity on the Infini cap?
I believe I chose the sig "D" caps Maxgain. I will try to get those in this weekend. These caps are .22 600v versions so burn in should be quick based on what you said. I would like to change the oil caps in my pre also but can't seem to find the ... 
Polarity on the Infini cap?
Not familar with them Maxgain. What I would like to know is what I should expect sonically with the Infini caps. Also what should the burn in time be? Thanks again. 
Polarity on the Infini cap?
Thanks for the reply Bigtee. I will follow the Kimber placement when I replace them. As you stated these have the color coded leads. 
Should Class A Amps be left on??
After reading all the threads posted I agree that leaving the amp on is the way to go sonically. I have a Audible Illusions S-120 and it sounds great when left on. However I would like to turn the tube pre(AE-3 Cary) off to keep the Sylvania's in ...