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Subs for the 5z4 tube?
Wow thanks for the added info Hotsauce and Amandarae. My pre does not have a bias option(BEZ Q3b). I did swap for the CV 2748 mentioned and all is well. Perhaps I should stick with this tube for any replacements. It sounds good and trumps the stoc... 
Subs for the 5z4 tube?
Hi Al and thanks for the info. I'll check to see what's available.Regards,Bret 
Shorting pins for balanced input?
Never tried using the amp that way Sogood51. I'm leaning toward the balanced ins as far as sonics go. Using a pair of Kimber Hero ic's and like what I hear. Thanks for the replies Rwwear and Sogood51. 
Shorting pins for balanced input?
Rwwear,I have used the balanced ins but wanted to know if there was a certain way the pins should be insetred when using the rcas. Probable a silly question but when you don't know you ask. Like I said all is well now. 
Need info on a Opera Basie preamp
Hey TIC, I thank you for the reply and the correct spelling. I'll do the google search and see what I come up with. 
Why the difference?
Thanks for all the replys. This will be a keeper for as long as it lasts. May look into current mods if any. Stay tuned and good listening. 
Linn Wakonda or Coda model 02b preamp
Perhaps this thread comes down to me making a choice based on the pros and cons of both preamps. I'll do my research and go from there. I was expecting some feedback but alas---. 
What are the functions of the 5z4 and 0d3 tubes.
Thanks Herman for all the info you provided. I'll probably check on other tubes and compare with what I have now. Good listening! 
What are the functions of the 5z4 and 0d3 tubes.
Ah so that's why the glow is different than the rest of the tubes. Tell me Herman have you found any sonic differences between the various 0d3 tubes available. I did have a RCA and replaced it with a GE and found it sounding much better. I have no... 
What are the functions of the 5z4 and 0d3 tubes.
Thanks Mlsstl for your reply. I do have a layout of the circuit that came with the pre. The 0d3 is the last to light up upon turn on but that may not mean anything. Why would this pre require two different voltage requirements. Mmmmm. It sounds re... 
Allen wrench size for Triangle Stella?
Thanks Stingreen for the info. I figured with shipping the drivers might be a bit loose but i just managed to tighten the tweeters(they were not really loose). I'll leave well enough alone. 
Your thoughts: Quad 12L Sonus Faber Concertino
After reading a previous thread on the larger Quads I believe I have my answer. Stay tuned 
Review: CM Labs CM 300 Preamplifier
Hi Ferrari,Saw your thread and wanted to ask about the CM labs 914 amp. There is one for sale elsewhere and was looking for owners with the piece. How are the sonics(bass,top end, mids, etc). I listen to jazz primarily. The amp in question shows w... 
Did MAS make amps?
Thanks for the info Viridian. The info I gave came from the seller of the amp. I'll try to find Xhifi and go from there. 
Aleph mini for Epos M5 spkrs
Thanks for your response Jaybo. I do have the bpa 300 to use but the mini is on a differenht level sonically.