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Gainclone chip amp
Hello all, It's been awhile since I looked at the thread and wanted to know what differences there are between the gainclone chips. I have seen numbers like 3886,3875 etc. I thank you in advance and good listening. 
Gainclone chip amp
Hi Gmood1,Thanks for the info once again. I did email the builder of my amp and he has various chassis that may fit the bill. (He also has a amp for sale here) The buzzing I mentioned seems to have vanished. Ahh the magic of the chip. JT I'll look... 
Gainclone chip amp
Hello all, Just wanted to update everyone on my amp. I should have took the plunge long before this. This amp really sings. I do however hear a faint buzzing coming from my tweeters but only if I'm close. Don't know if that's normal or maybe some ... 
Gainclone chip amp
Wow looks like I started something here. Gmood1 thanks for the site info. I'll give him a look see. And a big thanks to all the other gain clone owners that responded. I really want to get one assembled soon so I'll be watching this post and diy f... 
Gainclone chip amp
Gmood1,Did a search on the Brian Bell site just to see what others have done. My loss is I don't have the proper tools for constuction as far as a chassis is concerned. I would like to take a stab at building my own. Perhaps I could find one that ... 
Gainclone chip amp
Thanks for the response Gmood1. My spkrs don't go very low but I can hear the difference in the bottom end. Can't wait to upgrade to a better pre. Stay tuned :) 
Question on the Philips 963 SA
Thanks for the responses. Arni one of the two DVD audio disc I have(Grover Washington JR) includes a photo gallery & lyrics. I may however as Bignerd states be hearing the DVD non-audio layer. 
EL-34: JJ Tesla or Electro-Harmonix?
Very nice thread. It's been some time since I had some tube gear however I always liked the Svet EL34. Could someone tell me more about the JJ KT77. Like I said it's been some time. Thanks in adavance. 
Any info on the Musical Fidelity A200?
Wow, Thanks so much Jamscience. Nice pics and info. I needed some info to justify a possible purchase. This piece should be a step up from my NAD 304. 
recommendation for best low cost rca interconnect
I'm surprised not to see the oval one ic by Anaylsis plus. This cable is under 100.00 and I find myself always coming back to it after changing cables. Currently between my Philips sacd and NAD intergrated. 
Advice on Arcam
Thanks Ryder, You know I have been giving thought to tubes again. I have had pre and amps that sported the glass bottles so I know what they are capable of. I however have to consider the tweak factor when it comes to the different sonic variation... 
Jolida 102 and Epos ELS-3--Good match?
Thanks Bbro, Having this info helps me make a final decision. Enjoy the music. 
tube linestage suggestions
Hi, I second the AE-3. A really nice piece. Best of luck. 
Do Physicists Or Musicians Design Better Speakers?
Paul, From the past statements you have made it looks like you have created a little friction from some of the A-goners. I applaud your convictions but you should respect other opinions even if you don't agree. That said I will keep my choice of s... 
Do Physicists Or Musicians Design Better Speakers?
I don't have a degree in physics or math. What I can say is that as a former musican(not pro) I listen to speakers that reproduce instruments as I know them to sound. As a matter of fact my small experience playing and listening has guided me to m...