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Pure silver wire: solid, stranded or Litz wire?
Aber23. Thanks for an honest report after a lot of searching and hard work. Many people would conclude (delude themselves?) that the cables were great based upon the level of effort and cost expended to do the experiment. Kudos and keep at it! - John 
Can Tube Amps be Used for Home Theater?
Elizabeth is correct. Although I'm using a large tube amp in my 2 channel rig with HT pass through, I would never leave it on 24/7 for safety reasons. Also electrical costs and pointless tube degradation play a factor. Go SS for this project. 
need good solid state amp to match my tube preamp
I think the ARC SS recommendation is valid. I also think that one of the older Krell FPB series amp would also work well as would the Pass units. 
subs for Sonus Faber Cremona M floor standing
Audiofreak32, your purely subjective (and I'm guessing ownership biased) opinion of the REL's is really a bit too much. There are many fine subs out there. You alone are not the keeper of the arkane "secret knowledge" of subwoofer excellence. Ther... 
ARC preamp line up
Hifigeek1, pretty sure you'll still spend way more than a grand for an SP-11. 
Squeezebox Touch simple 24/192 output mod
Works perfectly. Great...now I have to go get some more 24/192 FLAC downloads. Yikes!!! :) 
Review: Velodyne DD10+ Subwoofer
Wow, that was an incredibly detailed and well documented review -quite possibly the best I've seen here at the 'Gon. Nice job. I've heard only great things about the new Velodyne + series. I'm currently running two JL F110's but also had to play w... 
Revel Ultima 3?
I only wish!! It might drive the Ultima 2's used value down a bit where I could get a pair.. 
B&W 804D vs 803S
Thanks Stringreen for your useless response to the OP's question. Both of the speakers you mention would be a step up from the 805. The 804D is the more modern of the two you mention while the 803s an older version but higher up the 800 series. Th... 
Buying a Gold Record?
Heard a funny story once from the late John Enthwistle of the Who. One night on a drug fueled bender, he decides to take one of his gold records off the wall, breaks the glass and puts it on his turntable only to find out, its a Barbara Streisand ... 
Y connector from pre-out to powered sub and...
You will need to find out the input impedances of all the equipment to ensure you don't drop below the minimum cumulative output requirement from the CJ. Tube pres are usually not very flexible or forgiving in this regard. 
Hi-end PC audio questions
Logitech Squeezebox Touch. It will change your life 
Suggestions for amping a pair of Revel Studio2s
I hear a lot about the Ultimas being hard to drive, but I think this is more applicable to the Salon than the Studios. That being said, they are only about 86db eff. which is the same as my revel F32 which I'm driving quite successfully in a midsi... 
Will Revel Studio2s fit in a 15'x18'x9' room?
I would go for it. The room's not THAT small, and you can trim the speaker's bass characteristics with the rear mounted controls which actually work very well. Good luck 
How long daes it take your gear to warm up?
Maybe its just me and my tin ears, but I think my tube pre/amp sounds pretty stable after about 1/2 hour. No option of leaving it on 24/7 like I used to with my SS gear.