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Sub wolfer advice
Wire length differences in domestic situations are irrelevant IMHO. 
Paradigm S8 vs. Sonus Faber Cremona M
Have not heard the Paradigms but the Cremonas are incredible speakers that are not only beautiful and well built, but will also hold their value better than the Paradigms I think. 
What makes a bigger change, dac or preamp?
Agree with Buconero17, preamp makes a surprising contribution to the system sound. 
configure amp 4 or 8 ohm to drive 6 ohm speakers
I have a similar situation and use the 4 ohm taps as I have an amp that supplies a good amount of current if required. If I was in doubt of this, I might use the 8 ohm so as to not stress the power supply. Also, as I don't listen all that loud, I ... 
Where to put my new power cable?
My method would be always to keep upgrading the main power cord from the wall outlet as it effects everything else plugged into it 
Back In the Day
No. Back in the day, there were more people interested in audio and FAR less to choose from equipment wise. Today, there is an astonishing amount of gear out there for what would seem to be a shrinking interest base. 
One Svs or two Paradigm????
Conventional wisdom on this site seems to favor two subs even of lesser quality over one bigger or better sub-especially for music but tends to hold true for HT as well I've heard. This has a lot to do with room interaction and better integration ... 
Is upgrading worth it?
The trick I think to upgrading is understanding what you want or expect out of an upgrade sound wise. Balance is also important and can easily get lost in the shuffle if one focuses too much on any one element at the expense of the whole, example-... 
Analog is the new pink
There seems to be two discussions going on here. 1:Are the kids listening to vinyl because they hear an inherant improvement over digital sources available (They don't and aren't-its a cool factor as mentioned) and 2: Would they appreciate a syste... 
Analog is the new pink
Frogman, good to hear your son is on the right track for life-long music listening and enjoyment. I will have to temper this by stating that I don't think he would be in the majority of the "younger people" crowd I was refering to-rather the excep... 
Audio Research Ref 110 break in period
Indeed! The REF110 is on my upgrade path when I scratch up the cash and sell my VT100 mkii. Enjoy! 
Analog is the new pink
Its hard to take the younger demographic's interest in vinyl too seriously. I doubt most of them have ever heard a decent (let alone great) stereo system fronted by either analogue or digital. Remember, this is the same group that happily download... 
Dragging out a great old dinosaur
Lots of great old amps out there. My tube is currently out of commission waiting for new input tubes and I dragged out my 25+ year old bone stock Nakamichi SR-4 stasis receiver. Other than scratchy input controls and a bit of hiss (probably from o... 
Audio Research Ref 110 break in period
Where did you find a REF110 with no hours on it? Do you mean the tubes? 
Ref 110 using both 4 and 8 ohm taps?
DO NOT do this! There are some threads already on this that describe the problem better, but it is very hard on the transformer and will make the amp both unstable and cut down its power rating. No good can come from it. Nice amp by the way!