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Live Venues getting slim.
After 9/11/01, the whole VISA review process was overhauled. This included a reduction in the number of VISAs made available each year for touring artists. The qualification process is also more difficult. 
Live Venues getting slim.
It's also much more difficult for touring artists to get visas now, than it used to be. The amount made available is very limited. 
Itunes or Cds, the smartest purchase?
They're wrong. 
Itunes or Cds, the smartest purchase?
I hate to break it to you, but you can't buy Apple Lossless content from the iTunes store yet. You're buying AAC files at 256 kbps, which are far from lossless. Hotmailjbc offers some good advice. 
Master Metal Guitarist
Hey Jax, I saw that book recently, at my local bookstore. It's a beautiful collection of photographs. $1500.00 was a bit steep for me, but it is impressive. 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
No Everest, haven't you heard? It's now a theology site. Welcome sinner.... 
active speakers, Paradise? Trouble in paradise?
You should also take a look at at the Meyer Sound product line.http://www.meyersound.com/In particular, their studio line. 
How can I untag wrong album artwork in itunes?
I've always been able to simply drag the new artwork into the artwork window of the album info. 
AT&T to cap broadband usage. Streamers beware
Define "alot of bandwidth". 
How do I know if iTunes files are all 'lossless'?
I use Xact to convert FLAC to AIFF. It's free and it works well. 
Twilight Singers "Dynamite Steps"
Hi Richard, I'm going to try and be at the LA show. I missed the in-store at Amoeba due to a work commitment.Good to hear that you're a card carrying Joseph fan now. It's always a pleasure to turn someone onto new music.Regarding Spiritualized: I ... 
Twilight Singers "Dynamite Steps"
I'm looking forward to picking this up. Dulli is a great writer. And, always a great live proposition. 
Real Stinkers
I for one, do not "worship" the Stones. I simply recognize their rightful place in the rock pantheon.Regarding the legitimacy of their credits: All we have to go on, is what has been given by their publishing companies. And, what has been widely r... 
...and now a word from your anti-sponsor...
Ironically, it is reported that Jonny owns a very high-end turntable, and has a taste for expensive electronics. 
Real Stinkers
Energiser, "none of the band members have any personality"?!?!? Are we talking about the same band? Learning to play a song, and actually writing it, are two completely different things. A child can be taught to play Beethoven. Does that make them...