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Whats on your turntable tonight?
Got my X-Ono phono back from Pass the other day. Wayne Colburn kicked it up a couple notches for sure. Doug MacLeod- No Road Back HomeArlen Roth-Guitarist-If you like really articulate guitar playing pick anything he does upBeatles- Hey JudeThe Su... 
audio research dac 3 vs m-f trivista 21
I agree with Stanwal. I had the TriVista DAC as well as the TriVista SACD player. The DAC is smooth and detailed, loads on bass, nicely balanced IMHO. 
Wilson Audio- The rest of the story
It is great to hear of companies that do the right thing. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. Info like this sticks with me. 
Music you HATE the most but once you LOVED it
April WineKiss 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
Pink Floyd about 12 years ago?Cheap Trick every year!Jimmy Thackery 2 days agoJohn Mellencamp in '80Styx in '74 
Upgrade with best price/performance ratio
Mint LP protractorScotch Foam Tape between cone footers and tile floorTwo granite slabs on tops of sub woofersFurutech receptacles 
PerfectWave Bridge
Paul McGowan at PS Audio does it bestAND here 
PerfectWave Bridge
Paul McGowan at PS Audio does it bestHERE 
Service Von Schweikert?????
Albert is really fun to chat with. Please keep us posted on the 33's! 
Scout Bearing Lubrication
You could rub on a thin coat on the shaft especialy if you cleaned it. 
Scout Bearing Lubrication
Yep, I agree with Ehaller 
speaker types and biwire
Try using your new wire in a non-bi-wired way and you'll find out whether or not bi-wiring made a difference. 
Service Von Schweikert?????
They seem to take some Fridays off. Albert is a gent- I had many dealings with him. 
The Hub: News, events, gossip - Sound by Singer to close
the megabuck systems sold by Andy Singer reflected not just the extremes and excesses of the high end, but of Wall Street itself.I could not read past this sentence. You gotta' be kidding. 
System pairing
regarding using a Pass pre, which of the models do you think would be the best pairing with the X250 or X350?I use the X-1 and really love it. I have heard the newer models are even more refined. Anything Pass is REALLY good IMHO.