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PS Audio Power Plant Premier Power Cables
I upgraded the PC coming into my PPP and it made a huge difference. Homemade PC w/Oyaide Tunami cable and plugs. I use these on all my better gear. Harmonic Tech PC's otherwise. 
i tunes vs. j river in pc realm
Well, they may disagree. They are incorrect. 
i tunes vs. j river in pc realm
If you get J River you no longer need to get ASIO drivers, as they come with. If you get J River 16 (in BETA, but working great) it is also a better fit with Apple ripped music, although I'd highly recommend at a minimum to use J River for ripping... 
i tunes vs. j river in pc realm
I think $50 for way better audio is a bargain. YMMV. 
i tunes vs. j river in pc realm
J River CAN sound better set up properly as it gets a lot of the computer out of the way via ASIO or Kernel Streaming. But you are streaming low resolution sources anyway, so it likely won't make much difference at that stage in the game. If your ... 
Help with used records.
Man Elizabeth, that's really disgusting.I use a little WD-40 sprayed on a cotton cloth, and rub off the gummy residue with that.I have no recommendation for removing Elizabeth's nose grease other than burning the (now highly flammable) album cover. 
Perfect Debute Albums
Sorry MacD, you are correct. I only read the albums. 
Perfect Debute Albums
Heart- Dreamboat Annie- does it get better than this?Pat Benatar- In The Heat Of The NightMacDT- I don't think The Cars can have two debute albums as you listed ;-) ). Nice try though! 
Perfect Debute Albums
Thanks MoFi. I google'd it first w/no success.Gkella- Mumford & Sons.. Sigh No More- What an excellent modern album. 
Von Schweikert VR-9se
I love Edge amplification with my VSA gear. There is a 12.1NL listed here for a song. Everyone of my audiofool buddies agrees with me that the combo really works well. 
Preamp for Pass Labs XA30.5
Pass X-1. 
Perfect Debute Albums
I do not understand your post J. 
Most helpful audio companies
"You find out who your friends are when there's a problem."There's a lot of truth in that statement. 
Are there any albums you consider perfect?
MacDad you shoulda' started a new thread. You have a great idea. I'll do it! 
SACD player
My high quality SACD player is now a $6500 un-repairable paper weight. I no longer spend big money on players. I'd get a good DAC and move on. A realy good DAC with Redbook or Hi-rez will be as good or better than SACD IMO.