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VPI Scout - slow speed , help ?
According to Mike at VPI- The way to "freshen" a VPI belt is to toss it into boiling water for 15 seconds, then wipe it w/alcohol, then put it in a baggie w/some baby powder and shake it up. Remove, shake off excess powder, volia. 
Project TT this way or Project TT that way
Get a used TT from a long time 'Gonner w/great feedback. You'll get a lot more bang for your buck, and good TT's have a long life. 
Best way to clean speakers
I use an ostrich feather duster every Sunday. Easy-peasy. 
Which file is better to rip cd's to itunes
I don't think your iPod will play WAV. 
Disappointing Evening
$50K is the mark huh. Call me an idiot. 
Does this dac exist?
I see. 
Does this dac exist?
You are not limited to PSA's software at all. In fact I don't use it. Their music server software is still BETA. J River has plug ins but they will not work with DNLA yet. I do not know if it ever will, but it seems to me to be a logical directi... 
Does this dac exist?
PSA PWD via Bridge. I use J River for an interface. 
What are your favorite SACDs and why?
And an 1812 Overture Telarc via the Cincinnati Pops. Raises the hair on my neck every play, even after 4? years of play. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Drive By Truckers- Brighter Than Creations' DarkMusics' as good as the title! 
Looking for a Preamp up to $3K
If your gonna double down get the Pass XP-20. Reno HIFI treated me like gold, and the pre is a ABSOLUTE JEWEL. I'm using it with my PSA DAC/Bridge with "tent pitching" results. 2X bal in 1 bal out & 2 single out, simultaneously. 
Looking for a Preamp up to $3K
Aestetix Calypso used about $2200. 
Has your HiFi changed your musical tastes
I have a few audiofool buddies and we frequent each others' homes (IE stereos!) and in doing so I have listened to a lot of music new to me, as well as styles I had not really payed much attention to before. So my palette has grown as a result of ... 
My TT "wish list"
Most any VPI table fits your criteria. 
What are your favorite SACDs and why?
The CCR's are really good. Autumn Shuffle by Peder Af Uglass too.SRV's Texas Flood is to die for. Junior Well- Come On In This House is good. Lots more. Slowhand. I prefer DVD-A's though as I can rip those to my computer.