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Mapleshade Double Helix spker cable: Rating??
Just my 2 cents. I'm a long time user of a pair of Golden Helix speaker cables. I've never found them to be restricted at the high end. In my system they are actually amazingly transparent and extended. The bass is also awesome in its quickness, d... 
Price Increases
Yes. Price inflation is everywhere and always a monetary phenomenom. Thank Ben for this round. Seen the price of art? big city real estate? farmland? Our money (future debt at least) is flowing upward. 
Question about Morrow ICs?
I have two pair of the MA2's in use. I have moved them several times and not had an issue with settling back in, though I believe they are very light gauge solid core wire and I'd be careful not to crimp or stress them. For the record I really lik... 
Problems with Mapleshade cables
I can't speak to the IC's, but I love the Mapleshade speaker wire. Its more dynamic than anything else out there, or at least the 10-20 that I have tried in my system. 
Simple Biamp question
Vertical biamping works wonderfully with my Monarchy SM70 Pro amps. Sounds much better this way than using them as mono-blocks, for some reason. I am very happy with the setup. 
Mapleshade boards under speakers
Note what you are doing when the maple platform is flat on carpet. You are tending to decouple; which is what I have come to prefer. Micro-detail is better, as is the liveliness. 
Bi-wiring with different cables for HF and LF?
I don't have time to read all the posts here, but I'll relay my experience. I am bi-wiring (bi-amping actually) my speakers with Morrow SP-2's on the high end and Mapleshade Golden Helix on the low end. The results are terrific! The SP-2's have go... 
Ava amps vs Monarchy amps ?
Well I also have Monarchy SM70 Pro's and I agree with all that the posters above say, except the non-recommendation for running them single ended. I wouldn't know about balanced operation, but they are just wonderful running single ended in my sys... 
Interconnect with great dynamics and bass slam ,
I will second the JPS SC3 interconnect. I also get good quickness and bass with the Nordost Heimdal, and at the lower end I got great bass and dynamics with a Transparent Audio 100 interconnect.I found the Golden Cross to be too sluggish for my ta... 
Speaker Spikes - do the shake test
My experience is quite similar to Mrmitch. I have a suspended floor. My best results with my monitors is on Vibrapods. This decoupling without much absorption retains the microdynamic energy of the music and results in more presence and better bas... 
Nordost ICs mixing with other speaker cables
I have had great success mixing Nordost IC's with other manufacturer's products. One of the few combinations that I actually didn't like was an all Nordost system. Too spotlit sounding for me.I have the same experience as Wescoman's above. The Hei... 
Speaker Cable Recommendation
Can "Dark"Sounding Speakers Be "Brightened"UP???
Try Cables First...Most of mine are silver coated copper, not by design, but after much trial and error. Best clarity and transparency, bass impact and midrange tone. YMMV. I strongly suggest you try Mapleshade speaker cables. It will brighten and... 
Signal cable Analog Two IC
I did like the Analog II. 
Dielectric grease and tubes
Why wouldn't it work to stop mini-arcing? I thought this was the benefit of dielectric grease as well as one of the causes of poor sound from wall plug connections.