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fiber optic/toslink cable recommendation
I agree with Sfar. Yhat is what I'm using, and I'm very happy 
integrated shootout - Audio Refi, SimAudio or Edge
Sure can. If I ever need to to downscale to just one system, the Cary/Monarchy combo would win out by a little bit. 
integrated shootout - Audio Refi, SimAudio or Edge
I have the alpha version which was the last model before the line ended. No preamp outputs. I think its a passive pre anyway. 
integrated shootout - Audio Refi, SimAudio or Edge
I heard the same about a Complete version with pre-amp outs. I don't believe there ever was one. Why do you need pre-amp outs? 
Question about Audio Refinement
They are different. My Multi-3 amp was quite veiled and soft in comparison to my Complete integrated. The circuit design is also very different.I really enjoy the Complete. 
DAC = thin sound
I have an AppleTV connected to a V-dac with toslink. The tone density increased when I used a shorter glass toslink cable that I bought on amazon, and when I changed interconnects from the V-dac.I run Apple lossless files, but I even get good heft... 
More power for better sound at low volumes?
I have found the most engaging sounding amplifiers to be those with lower power. Just my experience. 
All Audio Refinement ints have channel bleed?
Pre-amp was a Audio Electronics AE3 Mk II, which sounds relatively transparent with my Monarchy amps.I generally use 3-4 inputs with the Complete. Note also that the owner's manual states "for optimum sound quality, always set the Record selector ... 
All Audio Refinement ints have channel bleed?
I have a Complete alpha that I've used for years. I also had a Multi-3 amp.I do not have any problems with bleed that I know of. I love my AR Complete. I find it to be punchy, musical, transparent and has a brightly lit character.The Multi-3 was m... 
Bi-wire v's single with jumper leads.
3 years later I have changed my tune. I listen bi-wired now with great coherence. The difference is complimentary selection of cables for the high and low drivers. 
Dac magic plus
Not surprized. Try the V-dac. More organic sound in my system. 
Morrow IC
I am getting excellent results with Morrow MA2 IC's. I now have 2 pair in my systems. 
Speaker spikes on concrete or wood floor best?
After lots of experimentation, I ended up decoupling both of my speaker systems. Vibrapods for the monitors and cork rubber laminates on bamboo boards for my floorstanders. Preserves the nuance, microdynamics, and energy.Always wanted to try the r... 
Speaker spikes on concrete or wood floor best?
I don't like spikes for my speakers either. Takes away some of the musical experience and enjoyment. 
Goertz Sounding a bit lean
Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cables are pretty well fleshed out. Very different from the IC's. I don't know about the others.