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Question About NORDOST cables
I'll add that though I like the Blue Heaven speaker cables, I was not enamored with the Blue Heaven IC's. They were very clean and extended, but rather wispy and lightweight in my system. The BH speaker cables are not that way. 
Question About NORDOST cables
I don't know your system, but just my experience. My system is budget high end. I really was impressed with the Heimdall IC's (have two pair now). I thought they were fast, clean, and on the slightly warm and sweet side sonically. Complimentary to... 
Warm Interconnect....
Nordost Heimdal. Not at all cold. Good dynamics and detail, with some sweetness in the mix. 1/2 price now at Music Direct I think. I have two pair myself and been using them for a couple years. 
To DAC or not to DAC
Just my experience, but I love my V-dac with my AppleTV. I sent a DacMagic back. V-dac is much warmer and is so smooth. Now running it with a Pyramid power supply and it has a higher level of solidity and balls. 
New cables, help
Mapleshade speaker cables. Absolutely stunning in their transient speed and impact. Clarity is also quite awesome. I get the impression of an open window when I listen with them. 
AU24e Interconnects - but warmer
yes yes. I am a tuner too. I don't swap speakers or components on a continual quest. I can get "the sound" I seek with cables. I'll swap them out for variety too!Cheers 
AU24e Interconnects - but warmer
From my experience tryolder AU24'sJPS SC3or Morrow MA2's 
Soliloquy 5.3 Driver Replacements
Pair of Sat5's on ebay right now. Very same drivers as the 5.3's.Good luck. 
Generation 1 Apple TV as a music server
I love my ATV generation 1. I actually bought a 2nd one as a backup in case one dies. It stores my full music collection in Apple lossless, and all our family pictures. Really cool to put it on shuffle play and watch slideshows.I've read that an o... 
Morrow MA3 interconnects
Get your hands on some JPS SC3 interconnects. Very authorative low bass. I have the 5.3 speakers also. 
Morrow MA3 interconnects
That is odd. Different systems I guess. I found happiness in my system with the MA2 interconnects, I returned the MA3's for a different reason, but I felt they had the best bass of any interconnect I had tried. 
Hrrmmm..What a difference..Now must move speakers
yes I frequently have to change toe-in after a cable change to reoptimize soundstage. 
Warm, fullbodied, smooth, and transparent
Put a few wraps of teflon plumbers tape around the prongs of the CDP's AC cord. No joke.  
Vibrapods to Preludes
I have been singing the praises for Vibrapods under my Soliloquy monitors for years. After running through a full range of popular interfaces and speaker stand fills, I hit personal nirvana with the vibrapods. I believe they work their magic becau... 
Removing power conditioner...
I use a Furutech e-TP80 with good results.