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Integrated Amp ideas for Dynaudio Special 40's
This is now old but I have the S40's and love them. I have tested them with a slew of integrated amps. Here is how they rank, the ones I tried...1. BEST - Luxman 590 AXII - Only 60 watts into 4 ohms but wow Magic here. 2. NEXT BEST - Octave V40 SE... 
Dynaudio vs. Focal - Bookshelfs - Help me Decide!
There is nothing at all about the special 40s that sound metallic, edgy, harsh, etc. they are the definition of smooth, big, bold, with slight warmth, tremendous bass, sweet high end and have amazing imaging and soundstage width and depth. These a... 
Nordost Frey series 1 or Heimdall series 2?
This is an OLD thread but I just auditioned and listened to a slew of Audioquest IC's and Nordost IC's and Speaker cables in my system. My System:Room: 12X13Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradition Luxman 590 AXIIPS Audio Directstream DAC (Snowmass) with Br... 
Preamp / amplification recommendations for the SF Guarneri Homage Tradition Wenge
That should read 590axII  
Preamp / amplification recommendations for the SF Guarneri Homage Tradition Wenge
I’m running a pair with a Luxman 599axIi and it’s heavenly. Sounds ethereal and plenty of power in this class A design.  
PS Direct Stream latest firmware, "Snowmass"
I have been using a DS JR for quite some time and have enjoyed it with Huron and then Redcloud. In fact, I recommended this DAC to many, and I bought it new for a great price. I decided to buy the full on DirectStream (Senior) last week at a great... 
Disappointed w/ Klipsch Heresy III. Now what?
It’s your amp. Period. With these speakers (and they are AMAZING and replaced $20k speakers for me, and I would never go back to those high dollar boxes) you need QUALITY amplification and high current. Big transformers help. Yes, they are efficie... 
Audioresearch VSi75 VS. PrimaLuna
I do, go with the VSi 75, 100%. I chose that amp for my Sonus Faber Amati Futura and have no regrets. It is wonderful with SF speakers. 
ARC VSI 60 vs Cary SLI 80 or BAT 300xse
Without question...VSi 75. I have had the Cary SLI 80 and it is actually blown to dust by the VSi 75. IN fact, the Cary sounded weak, think, strained and flat in comparison. The new Vsi 75 is quite the piece. I demoed one and was blown away so har... 
I am thinking of getting Nordost Valhalla speaker
Ive tried so many and just switched to a 3M set of BiWire Valhalla that I picked up in a great local deal. They are about 20% better than the new Frey 2 IMO. Incredible speaker cable that beat anything I have ever owned.. 
for some reason this posted really weird... 
Line Magnetic Audio 219IA – Any Owners?
Interesting. I had the opposite effect. I had a Leben CS600 here and my TT was dull, flat and boring (VPI Classic 1) . Auditioned a LM 518i a and it was amp I have heard in my system ever and put the Leben to shame (in my system)