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Are Klipsch or Usher and Upgrade for Me?
If you can grab some older Klipsch for a good deal, can make some great HT speakers on the cheap. You will likely need to update the crossovers, but that is easy and cheap to do yourself, ordering through Crites. If you can twist a screwdriver, an... 
Best Cheap Speakers - New or Old
If you have a good ear and a prepro with a lot of eq band options. Cant beat Klipsch klf 30 with crites titanium tweeter upgrade for 800. Magnepan 1.6's might sound a bit better with a sub, but for full range, and all they do, cant beat them until... 
Paradigm speakers
There budget stuff is killer right now. They are realizing the 200 to 1k speaker point is where the sale volumes at.I like their ref 20's but they are now priced to high IMO. They were great for 599 in 2001 
Is high-end audio dying, if not dead already???
IMO its dead. Even I now would take a more budget on or in wall setup over the huge better sounding floor standers. Only way I have anothe floor stander setup is if I had a room on my house just for me. In a living room, family room, no way. You s... 
Which $500 Speaker Next?
You could grab some Klipsch klf 20's and throw Crites titanium tweeters in them. 
Anyone here tweak any Legacy Focus speakers?
I'd buy a sub. You will never get sub like bass from the 20/20's. But IMO the 20/20's have great bass 
Legacy Focus 20/20's vs PBN Montana EPS-2
The Focus 20/20's lack that top end, but I just love how smooth & relaxed they are. Everything sounded good in them.I bi amped the 20/20's once with 2 qty 3bsst Brystons. Couldn't hear anything special vs not bi amping and using a 4bsst. 
Has the Oppo carried the AV industry?
I guess I never looked at oppo blu ray because I had the ps3. I liked my old Oppo DVD, but as a transport, I thought my PS3 did just as good for music & movies so I sold it.With my PS3 slim I have everything I need for now1.Fast boot, resume m... 
Has the Oppo carried the AV industry?
I agree with the OP on some thing. Blu Ray HD Audio & 1080p is just so good, even a slim PS3 is fantastic. If you have the money to burn, go oppo, but I'm not sure your gaing much. Oppo isnt the bargain it was with their DVD players. IMO they ... 
Anyone Using Bose 901 speakers In A Home Theater?
Ive owned many speakers and none have sounded as good over a wide listening are as the KLF's. I know Klipsch takes some hits by hi end purists at times, I have been silly enough to buy into that talk in the past. Stock the KLF 30 lack extension in... 
Best way to improve my Theater with $1500.00
04-22-13: Dcmlover04-18-13: Sthomas12321Your B&K's are great for older formats, and if your Sony has analog out, it will be fine for HD formats. It isnt the best DAC, but with HD audio its not likely to sound terrible. For me, once your at HD ... 
Best way to improve my Theater with $1500.00
Your B&K's are great for older formats, and if your Sony has analog out, it will be fine for HD formats. I dont know much about your speakers & sub, but I do know I like dynamic speakers for HT. Hard to beat Kkipsch reference. You could al... 
which floor speaker up to 1500.00
I bet Magnepan MMG would sound nice in that room. Specially with a small quality 8" sub. I agree used is the best deal although theres always a little risk of not getting what you paid for.So many good speakers to look at. While I agree box bracin... 
Why so many JL Audio Fathom subs for sale I wonder
Subs sound incredible if placed center between the 2 mains. Not only because it is more smooth, but because phase can be dialed spot on.Move your equipment to the coner, put the sub under the TV. Then you will love your sub. 
Like someone said, hard drives are dirt cheap. Just leave them wav if you hear a difference