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best way to break in new paradigm studio series
I would buy some really expensive burn in equipment someone came up with to help burn them in. The more money the better, so spend as much as possible. 
Anyone has heard the Paradigm S8 and can comment ?
Its all about image. Nobody buys the signature line because everyone thinks of paradigm as entry to hi end. Truth is there signature line destroys most speakers at double the price. 
Paradigm S8 v2 anyone heard it yet?
me to, anyone out there want to review there speaker for us? 
Which speaker? paradigm s2 vs totem rainmaker
The paradigm signatures are incredible. I cant believe they are not more popular on audiogon. They are in another league from the studio line. The s2's with a sub is all the speaker you will ever need. 
Speaker suggestions
My opionion, the Paradigm Signature s2's. Amazing with a good sub. Ive owned the gallo's listed above and didnt like them much at all. 
looking for new speakers $2 to $3K
I like the paradigm signature s2 properly setup with a sub. ($3k for the s2 and the signature sub). If you have a good sub already, Id look at the s4's. Ive purchased some seriously high dollar speakers and these out performed them all to me. If y... 
NAD C372 & Gallo Ref 3.1
I apologize if I hurt anyones feelings. Wasnt my intention. 
Paradigm Signature S-2, S-4:Good, bad, indifferent
I just bought some s2's to see what paradigm signatures sounded like. WOW, I am blown away. Nothing is even close to this speaker for a bookshelf. It intergrates perfectly with a sub, and plays a rock out levels as long as you cross it over at a r... 
NAD C372 & Gallo Ref 3.1
Mr. Jamesgarvin-dont wish to be rude but.....who died and made you forum monitor? Ill response any way I wish. Its my time and I enjoy saying what I have to say about a item when there is a chance to do so. Its becoming a new trend to do this as y... 
NAD C372 & Gallo Ref 3.1
I do agree, big price difference. the thing is the Gallo's are being compared to double there price. This is what reviewers and owners claim and because of this I am comparing them as such. And personally I didnt hear it. For $3k, some what full r... 
Anthem AVM 20 vs AMV 30
It is now 2008, I have a Anthem avm 30 after owning ayre acoustics v-5xe,k-5,cx-7 2 channel system. The Anthem does everything the Ayre did and has changed my mind about cost no object stuff. It doesnt get any better then this other then different... 
NAD C372 & Gallo Ref 3.1
My opionion is if you need a small speaker with good sound. This is probably up there in choice compared to bookshelf speakers. Specially if you dont want a sub either. If size doesnt matter to you, dont even consider it(opinion). I owned the 3.1'... 
Van Damme
Well,I have a pair of these bought through bryston(what they use at shows). I sold some serious high dollar cables without any real negative effects. My gues is, they will work fine for anyone, as Im using them with really great performing equipme... 
Best Digital Amp for Legacy Focus 20/20?
Switched to a 9bsst amp on my legacy focus 20/20's. Not as good as the V-5xe in sound but still darn close, nice bass! Still the 150 watts makes the focus 20/20's play louder than you can stand. 
Anyone listened to ML Vantage?
When I sold my Ascent i's to a gentleman who owned vantages. he said he wasnt sure which he preferred. he ended up moving the vantages to the rear and left the ascent i's as the mains. I found this interesting and helped me move out of the martin ...