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Best speaker choice under $1000?
Based off pure sound quality I would go Magnepan. If you want to rock out and jam, maybe Klipsch. ML's are good but you have to buy replacement panels after a few years, and after the sellout they are expensive!!I bet you would love a $800 used pa... 
Magnepan 1.7 owners and subwoofers
IMO if you want to use a sub for music 2 channel, you should place the sub in a center channel position(between the mains). Its the only way to get it to blend IMO. Sounds fantastic between the mains and can even be set at a high cross over setting 
I like ML's, but with this mark up I recommend Magnepan. Both are good, but Magnepan was always better for the $ IMO. Specially with ML's panel hike. Magnepan dont need to beplugged into a outlet, and the new foil wire won't come loose from the my... 
Martin Logan works when not plugged in
Send it for repairs, I had that happen to the one I owned years ago. Your panel went bad 
Why do Harbeth speakers have such a cult following
The honest answer? Because Stereophile put them class A about 2-3 years ago. They blew up after that. 
Small speaker suggestions
Can you fit in Magnepan MMG's? If its 8ft or less from them, you will love them! Great for jazz & rock if it isnt a bigger room. 1.6's are $800 and they are fantastic speakers. They will rock out with a decent amp....even a cheap Emotiva!Ive b... 
Paradigm studio 20 vs 60? Help please
Ive owned a ton of Paradigms. Keep the 20's IMO. If you want to upgrade get away from paradigm from my experience. The S2 V1's I had were nice too. Above 1k used Paradigms value drops off(Studio 20's & S2) 
Big, big room -- which 10-20k speakers?
Don't need 10-20k to fill the room & sound incredible. Buy the used Legacy Whispers listed at $4k IMOIf you want to spend more, get the newer HD's 
what speakers would you choose for a hometheater?
BaranowskiTotally missed that post! Nice purchase. Matching them all was a smart decision, I bet it is first rate HT experience. B&W can get you there, just a bit more expensive. Bet you are loving them! 
what speakers would you choose for a hometheater?
For best HT I can't believe you are stuck on B&W. You don't care about dynamic range, reference levels, and full range? Is this a bedroom system then? Be prepared to spend a fortune compared to what other manufacturers could give you for much,... 
McIntosh or Bryston amps for Legacy Speakers
A SST amp is wonderful with the Focus.I dont care for Bryston pre SST models 
Emotiva or SVS subwoofer for home theater?
I would get dual Epiks and use as couch end tables. IMO 2 is better then one.I have a SVS Ultra 12/2 and SVS makes great subs. I miss having multiple subs though 
Compare Paradigm speakers to....
My only issue with Paradigm is they go shrill when pushed 89+ db in my medium room. Even with first class gear. IMO there are better for the price, and I have had a ton of studio, sig models. I think the best Paradigm value is in a used pair of St... 
best used Pre/Pro for $1000
I had the UMC 1 and didn't care for it. Major bugs(I had it with one of the final patches! Dont let anyone rell you its been fixed) and the bass management is flawed.The Onkyo 886 can be had for around the same and is much better IMO 
Help selecting used 7.1 Pre/Pro
I have owned the Anthem 30. IMO it is not priced well right now. Many asking $800 still(sold mine for $800 back in 2007.I would look for a Onkyo 886, I have seen them under $600 often lately. I owned the 886 after the Anthem and it didn't give up ...