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Most forgiving high end speaker 10k-20k?
I recommend these a lot, but it's because they fit the bill yet again. The Legacy Focus 20/20's. They make bad recordings sound awesome(they are a warm relaxed speaker, yet deliver dynamics to be exciting)and make great recordings sound amazing. I... 
Legacy Focus 20/20's vs PBN Montana EPS-2
I've owned the 20/20's and to this day they were the best speakers I ever owned. Relaxing speakers. You could just listen to them all day long. They had power beyond belief if needed, and sounded great at low levels. If you can grab a pair, I woul... 
Can Anyone Recommend a Good Speaker ?
2 speakers fit your description perfectly. The Legacy classics ($1200-$1400) and the legacy Focus 20/20's ($2600-$3k).The Focus 20/20's are easily the best speakers Ive owned. I say this because they are the most complete speaker Ive ever owned. T... 
do these 3 speakers rock?
This is just my opinion and experience-Ive owned Paradigm 100 v.2's, V.3's + many other model Paradigms (including some monitor series stuff)over the years and if you really want to rock out and have a first rate home theater, grab some Cerwin Veg... 
Mini Maggies ?
Anymore I think this is really the best way to listen to hi end audio. Desktop speakers. Its really hard fitting 7 speakers in a room for movies, and it takes pretty big floor standers for larger rooms IMO. I think nice bookshelves, maybe some mmg... 
Emotiva Amps and Processor for Home Theater?
The XPA 5 is a nice amp. All you need for HT. However the UMC is just aweful. The entire unit is flawed with EQ issues & digtal distortion in the eq system. Also EXTREMELY buggy. Stick with their XPA amps only IMO 
Blu ray upgrade?
IMO HD audio is a huge upgrade even on cheaper systems. 
Emotiva UMC-1... Still a science-lab affair?
My opinion.I love Emotiva XPA amps. Amazing valueThe UMC 1 is not a wise investment. Buy a used Anthem 30, B&K 50 s2, Krell Showcase, etc the same like money and run HD audio analog out of a oppo blu ray player. The UMC been around along time,... 
electrostats vs ribbon drivers
Hard to beat electrostatics. Sometimes they can be a bit too rolled off though. I really liked the Aeon i with rear tweeter on. Beautiful speaker 
Help choosing speakers
used Paradigm 80's or 100's would be a good choice. $1300 would get you some Legacy Audio classics!! 
best wood for speaker cabinets ? oak,cherry, balti
MDF and cover with hardwood would be my choice! 
Is HDMI worth It in term of sound quality?
If I was going to go old school with no hdmi, I would grab a Anthem. Full bass management over analog inputs. Can grab one around $300-$600(20 or 30)The B&K gears good too.I wouldnt go the receiver route, but thats just me 
Speakers that are RAP music proof
Check out my listing on a pair of Cerwin vega CLS 215. 1 year old. Two 15" drivers per speaker and a great smooth sound. 
will they go louder
Sounds like you might own the wrong speakers for your son to enjoy. Magnepans look like they should play at ear bleeding levels, but my experience is they wont in large rooms, or if you sit past 8ft from them. For reference I am speaking 98-100 db... 
Really need some advice on center channels
Try a older Mertin Logan cinema i. Awesome center for around $650-$750 here.