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Best budget speakers for near-field/small space
I know there a bit big, but nearfield you could put them closer to the wall....Magnepan MMG. I use them in my office right now. They sound superb at any price for there purpose. 
What speakers have best bass for hip hop, and rock
Legacy Focus 20/20'sbest at a lot of things IMO. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Does bose still use "construction" paper tweeters? Now thats quality to be proud of.Honestly, after hearing bose, Im just shocked they sound as good as they do with the horrible build quality, and cheap drivers. Until that gets fixed, I cant even ... 
Help with system overhaul What would you do....
10k will get you top of the line movie and music performance Legacy Focus 20/20's $3200 shipped Legacy Silver Screen $800 shipped Legacy Classic $1600 shipped Anthem avm 40 $1500 shipped Anthem MCA 50 $1200 shipped oppo blu ray $500 shippedSVS Ult... 
Speakers free of grain, glare and steel?
Magnepans are really clear sounding speakers IMO. So much so that the next brand you buy after you own a maggie likely just won't sound good to your ears. Even the MMG are great if it is a small office, or you are sitting close. 
Advice for first pair of Maggies
If its for a small room, or your sitting close, MMG's. If your sitting over 8-9ft from them, I would ONLY buy the 1.6's, 1.7's. If you are near the 8-9 ft range, I'd try to swing the MG12's. Just my opinion from owning all 3 models 
Magnepan 1.7 too bright, HELP
You can get resistors in tons of variants. I used just a .327 ohm on my 1.6's, and it took off just enough. When I used a 1 ohm on them it took most of the magic away and sounded lifeless. 
Best place to put a single subwoofer?
Under the center channel! It will blend PERFECTLY! 
Opinions on a good HT/Music AVR
You can get something like a Onkyo 9.9 for about $750-$950. Then add on a nice 5 channel amp. Anthem, Emotiva XPA 5, Rotel, B&K, and many more are models are very affordable.I very much like the XPA 5. Its only $899 brand new. It was a huge im... 
Which components knocked you out on first listen?
Legacy Audio Focus 20/20's, Martin Logan Ascent i, Ayre Acoustics, 
Opinions on a good HT/Music AVR
If you have that much to spend, buy a mid line current receiver & grab a 5 channel amp. My issue with receivers are the internal amps....they DONT handle independence correctly IMO. Just do a A/B comparison & see what I mean. 
A warning to all about HUGE Subwoofers
The only damage my subwoofers caused was the drywall screws backing out , you could see rows of screws where the studs were . they got so bad that I had to rescrew the walls then laminate a second layer of drywall to the first layer using no screw... 
Speakers under $3-4,000?
I would buy either Legacy Focus 20/20's or Magnepan 3.7's. Both entirely different, but amazing. 
Looking for "Last" 2 channel speaker system.
Legacy! You won't be sorry! 
What's your take on Legacy Audio Focus SE
The Focus 20/20's are the best I have ever heard. I miss mine. One day I will get a pair back!