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A warning to all about HUGE Subwoofers
I used 2 HGS 18 subs with a rear ML descent sub. I used to play all 3 as loud as they could go. This was all the time for 2-3 years.NEVER had one issue. Not even a picture off the wall from other nearby rooms.I can tell you a HGS 18 isnt strong en... 
System versus live
If you want live, by some xls 215 Cerwins. To me, audiophile speakers are more studio then live. The only refined speaker I have heard that offers a live sound feeling, but yet keeps audiophile qualities is Magnepan. But if you want that live feel... 
Best "pseudo" multi channel from 2 ch sources
If I was going to listen to 2 channel music in a multi channel config, I would buy a Anthem. I would get the avm 40 model. Anthem Logic is really good at what you are wanting.The Anthem is good at 2 channel as well. 
need new seperates on a budget
I'd grab a Onkyo PR-SC886 or 885 with a Emotiva XPA 5 amp. 
Magneplanar 1.7s to Recruit New Audiophile?
Magfan,for rear speakers only. For me, I could never get my all Magnepan setup(1.7's up front) to phase just right. Also Magnepans have the weak bottom end issue you have to work around. Specially if the phase is not in sink all around.Just not ch... 
Magneplanar 1.7s to Recruit New Audiophile?
I love Magnepans, but don't like them at all for home theater. 
Martin Logan Repair and/or Rejuvenation?
Sorry for my bad spelling above. 
Martin Logan Repair and/or Rejuvenation?
This is why I left ML speakers- eventually you have to invest in replacement panels. If your gonna buy used ML's.....might as well expect the possibilities of replacement panels .Buyers dont take for granite that the sellers ears as good as yours.... 
Recommendations for a used Receiver
Separates or Receiver to modernize home theater?
SEPERATES. Even if you just grab a Emotiva XPA 5 and a Onkyo,Integra type prepro it will be better then a receiver IMO.If you do go the receiver route, buy a amp like the XPA 5 anyway. Its not worth dealing with possible limited power issues, or p... 
ATI 2005 or Emotiva EPA-5
xpa 5 all the way IMO 
Emotiva XPA-5 or 5 XPA-1's
XPA-5 is a beast. Cant imagine needing more. I run 5 full range speakers all around with dual 15" drivers in them, and the XPA 5 never even flinches. 
Legacy SE versus Vandersteen Quatros
My experience is bright tingy speakers sound aweful with poor and older recordings.....good speakers just sound great with anything IMO. Take the good old Focus 20/20's. Nothing they cant do well IMO. Everything I have thrown at them sounded super... 
Legacy SE versus Vandersteen Quatros
Doug,your ears sure seam to agree with mine. What you say is exactly what I found myself.The poor Legacys just dont get the respect they deserve IMO. I will buy another pair of Focus one day. They are the best Ive heard.Everyones different. All sp... 
Legacy SE versus Vandersteen Quatros
Yes, the Legacys sound great with rock. After all, they will absolutely scream at loud volume levels that the vandersteens could only dream of. They also have 2 12" woofers. The vandersteens may be powered, and you may be able to "boost bass" on t...